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  1. I'm currently active military and have 4 years to decide on what to do when I get out. I have post 9/11 gi bill so I can go to college or technical school for free, and I love the northeast and saw there's a good amount of mx tracks up there, good roads for motorcycles, and excellent mountain biking. I'm here for any input on good jobs up there that some of you have, I'm currently looking at real estate but they often work weekends. So if you have a job that you don't hate going to everyday please let me know what you do and if you want to say the good and bad parts of it. thanks in advance
  2. mx726

    how much to get valves checked?

    if i do this myself dont i need to buy these? http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/product/WISECO-VALVE-SHIM-KIT-748mm/?id=119728
  3. how much is it for dealership to check valves and to shim them if they need to be shimed?
  4. just bought a 08 crf250r has original tires, that starts first kick when cold but when it just idles for a minute and turn it off it wont start back up unless i jump start it?
  5. i bought a 08 crf250r sunday that has original tires on it, it starts first or second kick, but when i ride for only a few minutes or just let it idle for a few minutes i cant get it started back up, i have to jump start it. any ideas why its doin this?
  6. mx726

    graphics for crf250r

    k thanks, ur red sprocket looks sick on there
  7. mx726

    graphics for crf250r

    whats your guys favorite graphics for a crf250r?
  8. the crf250r is $2600 and the kx250f is $2800, looking to move into the expert class this year so really stressin about which bike to get. any ideas or past experinces will be helpful
  9. do some research on them go onto google and put in 2009 450f shootout for kxf and then type in 2010 450f shootout for the yzf and see what the testers said about them
  10. Theres a 2008 kx250f on Craigs list that has the axle block bolt (that the nut to tighten chain is on) broke off into the swing arm where in screws in at. How can i get it out or what how much would it cost to hav a mechanic fix it?