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  1. acidburn

    1987 xr250r valve specs

    sad to say but my bike has all stickers removed from the P.O and was also S.P'd red to look newer -.-
  2. acidburn

    New to the XR game

    Sounds like me i drove quads/3 wheelers, then tried a dirtbike got my xr250 and been in love ever since. the bike is really like a quad on 2 wheels and can go through tighter bush
  3. acidburn

    1987 xr250r valve specs

    hello im just wondering if anyone could give me the valve specs for 1981 xr250r, also the slack for the chain would be nice. thanks in advance guys.
  4. man i guess im kinda lucky i have add then, cause the only time i get nervous when im about to go ride is if i take my adderall, then i get pukey and anxious and over excited, i go unmedicated and im as mellow as a..... uhh i dunno. lol
  5. acidburn

    mid pipe/silencer

    just wondering before i go ordering anything, will the 96+ mid pipe fit on the 95- xr250r models or is it a different size, the silencer bracket is not a problem as it can be fabricated rather easy.
  6. acidburn

    Engine oil...With pics.

    nice looks like im switching to rotella t, at 4.8$/L in 5L jugs or 3.5$/L in 20L buckets u cant go wrong.
  7. acidburn

    kicker "sticky" in cold..

    alright, btw before i do this i just relized i was using 20w 50 oil instead of 10w 40, and it was -25 here, also the "sticky" feeling goes away after a few kicks, then when the engine warms up its gone, also its never "sticky" on warmer days.
  8. acidburn

    kicker "sticky" in cold..

    when i go to start my bike my kicker feels "sticky", untill its warmed up is this normal cause the oil is cold ? :S
  9. acidburn

    XR400 speedo drive

    btw i have a canadian xr250r and its front axel is 17mm
  10. kdx will last longer in the sense of he wont get bored with the speed, the xr200 would be the more cost effective machine imo, u dont have to replace as many top ends per season on a 4poke:ride:
  11. acidburn

    1999 TT-R250 or 1994 kx125

    or buy in america and sell in canada, canadian prices seem to be 2x ur american steals!
  12. acidburn

    97 klx300r

    thats amazing they cost 2gz cheapest here, and thats a beater that has problems!
  13. acidburn


    how tall is your son and what is his weight?
  14. acidburn

    What would you consider Low Hours???

    to me low hours is; current year divided by the year it was made. answer x 365 = x 5hrs a day we'll use as high hours answer x 365 = x 2.5hrs a day we'll use as low hours
  15. acidburn

    what to do?

    so thats just a newer xr250r slip+header? is it a direct bolt on?