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  1. Not sure if it took, but since it was a wiki file, I added my tech comments to the end of the article...
  2. As a follow up comment... Water is the main reason paper filters should be changed at every oil change, not because of solid debris. Bulk engine oil temps are in many cases barely above water evaporation temp of 100 deg C... and the evaporation temp of the water caught by the paper oil filter can be higher than 100 deg C due to having mixed with other liquids and is no longer, pure water...
  3. Yes, this looks like an advertisement for stainless filters... It somehow was never mentioned that one of the absolute detriments to engine lubrication is WATER. Paper filters grab the tiny droplets of water that condense inside an engine when cooling down and in storage. Stainless filters do NOT filter out water at all. Also, with stainless filters, there is a chance of either a few drops of the cleaning solvent remaining (deadly to engine lube) or that small particles that do not wash out during cleaning can get dislodged and make a pass through the engine. This is why racing teams in-the-know, will not use stainless filters.
  4. mkandl53

    Engine case cover bolts.

    I don't have my manual handy, but remember to reduce all torque values for all bolts by about 10 percent if the threads have any oil on them.
  5. mkandl53

    CRF250R Suspension Clicker Settings for MX

    motofreakboy, I did see that you gave some info back in Jan and duhave gave some as well that helped me get rid of a high speed headshake problem. So I was just asking if this is all there is discussion wise about clicker settings. My headshake is gone with duhave's settings, but I seem to now have a fork rebound problem on big landings... I will work on it and se if I can find a happy medium... If anyone has really dialed it in I could use some assistace. Thanks.
  6. I am about 150 lbs and need some help with setting up the suspension on the crf250r. I am a vet, ride mx, and came off a crf450 which I was really happy with. I have about 10 hours on the bike and the sag set to 100mm. For those of you who have got their suspension working well for mx (and are somewhere near 150lbs), what do you have the front/rear clickers set to? (I have tried to search this forum for this info, but I was suprised to find that there is very little info on this topic) Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!!