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  1. AmnWatkins

    shifting up without using clutch good or bad?

    Everyone talks about keeping a finger on each lever, but I can't pull my clucth lever in with one finger. I find it tough for me to do it with two fingers. Is there a way to make the lever easier to pull in or am I stuck with it the way it is? Sorry to jack the thread, I'm just currious.
  2. AmnWatkins

    Loose Kick lever

    Mine had a bit of play in it as well. I just picked up a new lever from the local MX store and replaced it. took five minutes. Keep the old lever on hand for those emergency issues. I know all too well that one little broken lever (clutch in my case) can cut a day way short.
  3. That's really the only reason I posted it. Most guys with experience and a few years under their belt already know the importance of the safety gear, it's the younger "invincible" kids that may need a push towards the safety stuff.
  4. I've always leaned on the safe side but I'm also lazy. Those two traits often clash, but i'm thanking my lucky stars on this one. I came out a bit sore and tender, but I learned a valuble lesson. Safty first.
  5. AmnWatkins

    Super Frustrated WR426

    When I first got my '01 426 I had the same problem. -When cold pull the black knob (choke) -lightly press the kick lever untill it comes to a solid stop. That is when you've reached TDC -allow the lever to come all the way back to the 12 o clock position -pull in the decomp lever (small black one just above the clutch lever) -lighly kick the lever about 20* or an inch or so. -release the decomp lever and let the kick lever come back up 1-2 clicks -now swiftly kick it all the way some notes are, make sure the petcock (fuel valve) is 'on' and if it's giving you some problems, give one quick twist of the throttle BEFORE you kick. Watch out for backfire, the kicker will come back up and can easily bite you in the leg. Good luck, it'll be second nature soon enough.
  6. Title says it all, not sure where to post this, but I feel it's another story worth putting up for some of those out there that don't know if a chest protector is worth buying. As far as I can tell from what people say is that Fly stuff isn't the best of quality so this just goes to show that even if that is the case they work. While out trail riding yesterday afternoon on a particularly wet day, I was heading on a lightly traveled trail with a lot of dead leaves covering the path. As I rounded a corner there was a 6" fallen tree lying diagonally across the trail. It took the whole trail so there was no avoiding it, my best bet as far as I could tell was to ride over as straight as possible. My front cleared no problem and I thought I was good, I was not. The rear washed out throwing me over handle bars. I rotated 180* and was parallel to the ground my back facing the way I was heading. While in air I came to an abrupt stop due to a 6" tree. I slammed into that tree with such force that I bounced off of it about two feet before I finally made contact with the ground. With the wind knocked out of me I tested my limbs to make sure they were still moving without any significant pain. After that I rolled over to see what it was I made contact with so forcefully, I saw the tree, and then I saw a nickel sized 6" tree limb sticking straight out where I had hit. Right then and there I knew that the chest protector that I questioned wearing that day had indeed save me from serious injury, if not death. I slowly got up, picked up my bike, kicked her over and made my way back to the truck with bent handle bars. I looked over the guard once I arrived back at the truck and saw a bit of a gouge on the cone portion on the back. No hole, no crack, and no broken back. Needless to say, I will never contemplate riding without my chest protector again.
  7. AmnWatkins

    Power Wheelies

    I've been riding my WR-426 and it only power wheelies when I use the throttle lol. Even on my old TTR-125 I could get the front end up with out the clutch. In a word... YES.
  8. AmnWatkins

    Trailriders: Goggles or Sunglasses?

    I almost always wear goggles, but it's tough when riding in condtions like yesterday. Raining cats and dogs. Once the lens gets wet visibility drops a whole lot. Even with the roll offs I have a problem. Either I need to stop to get the correct on off or water gets in between all the layers and I have to pull all of them and still have a wet lens. Water, however fun, makes goggles hard.
  9. AmnWatkins

    troubles with hand grips

    I used a little bit of di-electric to slid it on then placed a dab of grip glue to hlod in place. The last set I took off were worn so bad I just gave a little pull and they were off.
  10. AmnWatkins

    2000 WR400F Rebuild - Process Pictures.

    Sorry, I should have stated that I only pull in the lever enough to have the tire lock up. My B, my blunder.
  11. AmnWatkins

    Northern Maine Last Week

    Wow, that's looks real nice. I'm diggin that old school Suzuki too.
  12. AmnWatkins

    2000 WR400F Rebuild - Process Pictures.

    When I bump my 426 I do it in 2nd pull both the decomp and clutch in. let out the clutch then slowly release the decomp, you'll hear it start to come to life and then you dump the rest of the decomp lever. Good luck, I've been following this build and you did an amazing job. Can't wait to see a picture from it's maiden voyage.
  13. AmnWatkins

    Confrontations with other trail users.

    We're pretty lucky up here, not a huge dirt bike scene so any ruts that are on the trail are mostly contributed to four wheelers. Further more, there aren't a lot of mountian bikers on the trails that we (wheelers and dirt bikes) use. I guess I could turn the argument that the wheelers casue all these ruts on the trails making it rough riding for me on my bike. That would be ignorant though because almost everyone up here owns a utility quad and made the majority of the trails that exist. Sorry to hear it's such a problem and that it can turn physical. However, i imagine that you're in moto gear w/ a chest protector, helmet, boots, and gloves. Meanwhile, they probably have an open face helmet, shorts, and hiking boots. You're in full armor and they're not. I'd like to see someone throw a haymaker at my chest protector and expect it to do anything lol.
  14. AmnWatkins

    Slick Mud Riding

    It would have been a salvagable day if the upper half was still open. More sun = less mud. Either way the veiws were spectacular when I wasn't seeing the fast approaching ground. Oh well, there are pleanty of other spots to ride.
  15. AmnWatkins

    Slick Mud Riding

    It truley was the best part. I should have figured on airing down as I am also a Jeeper. Glad you found it entertaining. Had I been an observer I would have laughed at the slap stick style of comedy. However, I was not an observer, I was the poor sap that could barley lift his bike.