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  1. supersmalls

    Early morning Starting porblems

    I always have to put the choke out 1 click to get mine started. Maybe 2 clicks in your case, unless your fuel tap is blocked with some shite, maybe flick to reserve and try
  2. supersmalls

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    Hello, im new here but had a few bikes. Now proud owner of 2012 drz sm... Installed these awesomely bright rigid industries lights to the forks of the drz, also bigger pouch on rear in place of OEM tool box using same bolts, just to hold wet pants and exisiting tools as im a daily commuter changed rear sprocket dropped 3 teeth shortened chain dropped 3 links installed bark busters to help with cold mornings and raining days installed CRIE8X, (iridium spark plug) shop removed some pipe possibly to do with ccv now its just pegged on itself. Am looking for more dirt going tires but hard to find 17 inch types...possible candidates are the AVON Pro-Xtreme Rain Tire, shinko e705 , or dunlop D616.
  3. supersmalls

    Suzuki 2000 DRZ400E Bogging off idle

    Sounds too rich or the air filter is blocked
  4. supersmalls

    Eduro wheels for a DRZ

    Cant i just fit tires that are about 90% road and 10% off road. I really cbf with 2 sets of rims
  5. supersmalls

    Eduro wheels for a DRZ

    Im in the same boat are you DRZ-Tom, after looking around I think these tires, mt 60 rs corsa, might fit. Im yet to ask a dealer if they will. Have you had any luck with this problem?