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  1. crhrider

    XR 200 in need of a shock

    Thanks! The old shock blew a seal, lost all the oil. Would it be better to upgrade and go with suspension from the 80’s?
  2. crhrider

    XR 200 in need of a shock

    Preferably used, the new ones I found seem to be pretty expensive. Also will an 82 xr250 suspension, front and rear, bolt onto my 2002 xr200?
  3. crhrider

    XR 200 in need of a shock

    I have a 2002 XR200 in need of a shock! Anyone have any for sale?! Thanks in advance
  4. crhrider

    Toy moto track for kids

    Does anybody have a toy track they are willing to let go of? I would love to buy the kids one for christmas!
  5. crhrider

    Single track

    In your opinion, what is the best single track area in the western states?
  6. I need Slick products because living in the northwest is like taking a mud bath every time you ride! This sloppy mud needs to meet its match! I have tried and tried to find a cleaning product that will bring this northwest mud to its knees, but haven't had much luck. I would love to try out Slick products after my next dirt bath!
  7. crhrider

    05' popping

    My bike sat for about a year and when I went to ride it has been popping when i let off the throttle. I have adjusted the valves, cleaned the carburater and jets, and have a new exhaust system. what do you guys think could be causing this?
  8. crhrider


    alright thanks guys
  9. What sprocket sizes do you guys think I should run for trail riding and hare scrambles?
  10. crhrider


    Hey guys, I am looking at getting some higher handlebars. I am 6'2" and was wondering what the best setup would be. I was thinking of going with Pro Taper 7/8" windham bends with 10mm risers. What do you guys think?
  11. crhrider

    KTM or Honda

    How hard are huskys to sell if I end up not liking it?
  12. crhrider

    MX Practice Bike

    I have tried the whole practice on the 125 bit with my brothers bike, I am a bigger guy (220) and it just seemed like a waste of time for me as I ride a 450. The bikes are totally different. But I am curious on how you like the 300xc compared to your 250x for hare scrambles?
  13. crhrider

    2013 forks

    I am curious to hear what all you thumper talk addicts think of the new air forks for this year?
  14. crhrider

    KTM or Honda

    Thanks for the imput. The one thing I am nervous about with the 300 is switching back to a smoker. I havent rode a 2 stroke since my 04 CR250 and have been riding thumpers ever since. That is the main reason I am leaning towards the Honda rather than the KTM, besides being more familiar with the Honda. I have never ridden a KTM so I guess what I am really asking is, what is the advantage of the KTM 300xc over the Honda 450. Also what do you guys think of the new forks on the 2013 Honda? KC Davis, what Husky would you recommend?
  15. crhrider

    KTM or Honda

    Hey guys I am ready for a new bike. I am 6'2", 220lbs and am an intermediate rider. I mainly race hare scrambles and various trail riding mostly on the oregon coast. I currently am riding a CRF450 and am leaning towards the new CRF450 since I have rode hondas for the past 12 years, but have also heard good things about the KTM 300 XC. What bike do you believe would be better for me?