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  1. JoeMongo

    GPS for off road/dual sport use

    Currently, the best is the Garmin 64. Feel free to look for yourself, but you asked for opinions and that one is mine. The 64 uses tracks very well. Most GPS units do not. I navigated my way across the western US on my DRZ, up and down the Colorado and Utah BDRs and up the Wyoming CDR trail and back home on my DRZ with my 62S, and only use it on all my motos now. The Streetpilot is only used in my pickup truck now,. YMMV, best of luck. J.
  2. The fuse is sized for the wire that is carrying the current. So, if you are installing wire that is only good for 10 amps, then you put a 10 amp fuse in the circuit. In general, you want to use wire that can carry considerably more current than the load. In a motor vehicle of any type, you don't want to install skinny little wires that aren't mechanically strong enough to survive the vibration, shocks, and temperature swings that motor vehicles are subjected to. If you know that your load is going to be 10 amps, then install at least 14 AWG wire, which can safely carry 15 amps. and install a 15 amp fuse. If you have 12 AWG wire, use that and install a 20 amp fuse. Fuses only protect your car/truck/moto/house/etc from burning down due to overloaded, damaged or shorted wiring getting hot enough to start a fire. Fuses do not protect the loads that are powered by the circuit.
  3. JoeMongo

    Auxiliary led bar installed

    It was Aliexpress.
  4. JoeMongo

    Auxiliary led bar installed

    Just a quick heads-up: Aliexpress made three fraudulent charges to my credit card this last weekend. My credit card company identified suspicious activity on the third transaction. That card is now closed and the charges are being reversed. I don't think it is a good idea to do business with them. J.
  5. JoeMongo

    Trail tech speed sensor

    I just followed their instructions and drilled a hole in my brake caliper support. I wasn't real excited about doing that, but it has worked perfectly.
  6. JoeMongo

    Fuel Petcock Upgrade

    Raptor petcock, Clarke tank, 5/16 Motion Pro clear fuel line, fuel injection clamps, and a right angle fuel filter. Has worked great for years. No idea if it has protected me from anything, but I go ahead and put all sorts of crappy fuel in my bike and it keeps on hauling me around. Picture at the link: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1074065-fuel-filters/?p=11443183
  7. JoeMongo

    Geezer Deezers

    A member of the club at 54. Been enjoying my Deezer for about four or five years now. I still ride like I always have, but it seems that the background pain level just goes up a bit more each year. That's OK, and my bikes and I'll keep on going until one of us can't any longer. That should be waaaayyyy down the trail though! J.
  8. JoeMongo

    electrics(?) mystery

    +1, my caliper said that the metric O-ring would be 1.5 mm by 8 mm. Viton would be best, but I didn't have Viton so used whatever material (butyl rubber?) the 5/16" by 1/16" O-ring in my kit was made of. My metric kit didn't have anything close. I need to order a couple of proper ones for the next time I pull my carb.
  9. JoeMongo

    electrics(?) mystery

    Your symptoms are very similar to mine a few months ago. I pulled the carb and removed the float valve seat. My O-ring was hard, dry and visibly damaged. I didn't have the proper metric O-ring, but I used the size recommended by Noble and all is good now. BTW, I changed my oil twice in order to remove the gas from the crankcase.
  10. JoeMongo

    How many times have you dropped your Drz?

    Me neither, never. I never drop, crash, or soil sample using my DRZ. She is way too pretty for that kind of abuse.
  11. JoeMongo

    Tires/long distance ride

    Take two days and stay in the mountains. Perhaps zig-zag over a few of the better passes, otherwise take 395 down the east side of the Sierras. If you don't want to do that, stay on Highway 1 down the coast at least to San Luis Obispo. I5 is a fate worse than death on a DRZ. I rode my DRZ-S to and from the Rockies last summer, with the stock seat (blisters in places where I have never had blisters before). The only part that sucked, was every single minute on every numbered highway with an "I" in front. On the twisty mountain roads and 3K miles of dirt in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, the little DRZ was perfect.
  12. There was not very much pavement at all. I rode a bit more pavement on Sunday, but that was mostly due to the group that I was riding with. We had a great time. Most excellent choice of trails. My DRZ400 may have been the heaviest bike of the entire ride. If I could make it, I'd be back again this year.
  13. Shucks, that was a pile of fun last year. The offspring's end of school year activities will keep me from enjoying your most excellent ride again, this year. Have a great time! Same route? I loved the Sunday morning switchbacks!
  14. JoeMongo

    Ebc Brake Issue

    If it were my bike, I'd do a full system drain, flush and bleed, for both front and rear. It's too easy to do compared to the hassle of rebuilding brakes because the previous owner never did the annual job. Yes, it is an annual job unless you have installed Teflon lined S.S. braided lines. Considering your symptoms, your master cylinder may also need inspection and cleaning or adjustment for the pressure release point when the lever is fully released. There is a very small port that has to open back to the reservoir to release pressure in the lines.
  15. JoeMongo

    Seat Concepts pics.

    Yup, mine is gripper top, fake CF sides. If I had it to do again, I'd get it exactly the same way. I like the way if feels, especially when I need to move around on the saddle to weight one side or the other of the bike.