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  1. When I find I will be in the woods a bit over a weekend I use my 13oz. and pull it off if I am track bound but it really depends on what type of riding, to include what your style of riding is, along with where you will be riding - Dunes, woods, etc. Most use flywheel weights to tame the power a bit and reduce stalling but with your rekluse clutch stalling shouldn't be an issue.
  2. I can't resist, you should ask yourself why am I selling this great bike? Sound like a very nice bike with some nice mods so it is possible to hold out for the 4kish but it all depends on how fast you have to settle for an offer. Also there is the fact that most of the time when you mod a bike it is for personal taste and the mods don't necessarily add to the value of the bike. Good luck on the mission and the selling of the bike.
  3. $3300 ~ $3500 is fair, IMHO
  4. On the stone 402a (110/80x19) do you run the standard 110/90x19 tube? I couldn't find 110/80x19 tubes on the Rockymountain site and the 401a/402a tire combo is getting a ton of "lovin" lately on this site and I need new tires. Thanks in advance
  5. I have a Badger on my 04 and it is a well made product with great coverage for those jaunts into the woods. Thumbs up!
  6. 235 with gear, give or take a Krispy Kreme.
  7. This guy is very good but I don't know if you can ship your head to him, couldn't hurt to ask? http://www.fastmannracing.com/ He did the work on my 04, including a new piston and rings and it rocks!! He uses Ferrea components but I already had the Black Diamonds yet it wasn't an issue. A good guy and easy to talk to about your bike, plus he does suspension work.
  8. Congrats--Xmas in November I am in the process of running up my CC also.
  9. I thought it would be obvious, I just brought a Kibblewhite Spring kit and a new set of valves
  10. Thanks, ordered them here right of off TT's OEM site.
  11. T, You wouldn't happen to be a Motorcycle "wrench", would you? By the way what part of MD are you located in? I, to quote the Greaseman, live "Deep in the heart of Waldorf".
  12. Just ordered the Kibblewhite Valves & Spring Kit so I am looking to buy "Keepers" but for the life of me can't find that part on the TT OEM parts page. So here is the stupid (go ahead and laugh, it is good for all of us) question, do they go by another name? Cotters, etc.
  13. I think you need the Fastway washer that sits behind the front sproket, I will post the part number as soon as I look it up, though it might even show up in a search of this forum.
  14. Not yet but crap; another thing to worry about I have the 13oz extra on my 04 and check about a month ago (ordered 3 gaskets with the flywheel) after three months of use and all looked OK. I will check again during the winter teardown. Thanks for the possible heads up. BTW, they actually had the balls to say "cosmetic"--Jimminy Crickets
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