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  1. yz125r

    Oil cleaner case thread striped

    Yeah when I took the bolt out I put a magnet in there and tried to fish them all out. Now to tap a new thread do I need a certain size heli coil? I've never done it before
  2. I was having a little oil leak on top of the oil filter where the oil runs through the line to it called a oil cleaner on the schematics. But when I took the bolt off the threads from the case came out too and now I'm clueless of how to fix it.
  3. yz125r

    YZ250F / YZ450F Street legal maintenance

    I actually have a yz250f now haha just never changed my user name. But just from experience riding on the road on any half way fast road I would be 5th just about pinned.I can't imagine that would be much fun to do for extended periods of time
  4. yz125r

    YZ250F / YZ450F Street legal maintenance

    A yz250f is too slow for road I believe. Get a bigger bike made for the street in my opinion
  5. yz125r

    Did I mess up my engine?

    Uh go try to start it and you'll know lol .doing it once or twice every once in a while won't completely murder your motor but doing it on the regular is never a good thing
  6. new valves and a new piston and just check bottom end for play and you should be good to go for a while. Re greasing everything will help as well
  7. yz125r

    What possible ways can I fix burning oil?

    Just take apart the top end real quick and inspect everything. You should be able to tell what needs replaced pretty quick. If it sat for 6 months by someone else chances are that it got old and started having problems so it could use a top end rebuild anyways.
  8. yz125r

    Oil leaks

    I've tried putting it in about 6 different ways and everytime it still just drains the oil
  9. yz125r

    Oil leaks

    Okay thanks, I'll try that this weekend, it had me real confused when I replaced the I ring and dowel and it was still leaking.
  10. yz125r

    Oil leaks

    So I got my bike put together finally but of course it's one thing after another and now my bike is leaking oil all over the damn place in these spots now idk why it's leaking there I've never even touched that bolt.. Idk what to do about that one. and where the oil pump connects there it's leaking bad.. I put new seals in it to and it still leaked so it has me stumped too. Any ideas?
  11. yz125r

    yz250f cam cap fix

    Where can i send the head and cam and cap to get this done?
  12. yz125r

    yz250f cam cap fix

    Will i have trouble just bolting one on from a different yzf? Will i have to get it line bored? If i do, does anyone know who can do that and how much they will charge for it?
  13. yz125r

    yz250f cam cap fix

    Okay thanks all from the help, I'll send you a pm sometime later about it... I'd be all for just picking up a new head and everything if I didn't just put 3 hours on this head with brand new valves and everything.
  14. yz125r

    yz250f cam cap fix

    I wish i knew how i did that without realizing it... dumb and costly mistake i didn't notice till trying to turn it over.
  15. yz125r

    yz250f cam cap fix

    Does anyone know where i can sent this cam cap to get fixed? i emailed and called engine dynamics but i got no answers back from them so trying to find some where else that can fix this before riding season starts here in freezing PA