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  1. I'm getting ready to buy an 07 YZ250F. Just finished reading a bunch of stuff about the clutches coming apart on the 06's. I've looked everywhere at the changes for 07 and don't see anything about yamaha fixing the clutch problem. Have they done anything to the 07's to fix the clutch problem?
  2. Speezack

    Just got 07 CRF250R

    I just bought an 07 CRF250R. I had an 04 that was absolutley horrible (valves) in terms of reliability. In 05, I went to a Yamaha YZ250F, which was ultra reliable and a great bike. The only thing wrong with the Yamaha was that it never felt as good or handled as good as the Honda. So, I'm giving Honda another chance. Just picked the new CRF up on Friday. I'm just wondering if there are any issues on the 07 that I should be concerned about or look out for. I would appreciate any comments or info on the 07, good or bad. Thanks!
  3. Speezack

    07 YZ250F Information

    I own an 05 YZ250F and have enjoyed the reliability and performance. It has been a wonderful bike. I am about to purchase an 07 YZ250F. I know there have been several changes. Does anybody have any information (pros/cons) as to the quality, reliability, performance of the 07 versus the 05? Any known problem areas or concerns? Thanks
  4. Speezack

    what year yz250f could i get with around 3,400?

    I have an 05 YZ250F that I am selling. I am asking $3200 for it. It is in excellent condition. It has Fastmann Racing Suspension and New Plastic all around. The bike is flawless. I just bought an 07 YZ250F. Send me an email if you are interested.
  5. Speezack

    kibblewhite stinless valves

    If you want the Stainless Valves for the CRF250, go here: www.fastmannracing.com. He has been selling them for a while now, and is vey knowledgable on the subject.
  6. Speezack

    Should I Shim?

    There are many, many, opinions on this subject as it is a well documented subject/issue on Thumpertalk. My advice, as it has been to many folks, is to call Randy at www.fastmannracing.com. Randy has taken care of my bikes and is extremely knowledgeable on the CRF's. The CRF's and their Valve issues are a specialty of his as you will see when you go to his website. GOOD LUCK!!
  7. Randy at www.fastmannracing.com has everything you need to do your bike with SS Valves. Valves, springs, keepers, etc. Give Randy a call or check out his website. He's the master when it comes to the CRF250's. He's got a great repair shop, stocks everything you'll ever need, and knows ALL there is to know about Hondas. Good Luck!
  8. Just wondering if anybody is experiencing leaking fork seals on their 05 yet. We have an 05 YZ250F with about 15 hours on it and we're noticing some slight leakage on both forks. A buddy has an 05 YZ125 (same forks) with the same amount of hours on it and he actually had a little puddle of fork oil under his bike after sitting for a few hours. I know that these forks are new for Yamaha this year and was just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this.
  9. Speezack

    Ugg, anyone else waiting on Kibblewhites?

    Check with Randy at www.fastmannracing.com Randy has loads of SS valves, springs, etc. He specializes in Motocross Bikes. Does Engine, Suspension, etc. He has some great sources for the valves through a couple of manufacturers.
  10. Speezack

    should i buy an 05 rmz 250???

    i have an 04 crf 250 and have had enough of it! over the past 3 months ive probly ridden it 4 times! its always in the shop, had the valves replaced once and adjusted like 10 times, shimming has also been done. the transmission has been destroyed twice and apparently im not the only crf 250 rider with these problems. ive heard suzuki has valve problems and i was wondering if an rmz 250 is the way to go. from wut ive heard, yamaha appears to be the most reliable but they are too tall and the center of gravity makes them harder to turn. please help!! i need and 05 fourstroke........rmz, kxf, yzf???
  11. Speezack

    2005 YZF250

    dont buy the crf! i have an 04 and its a piece of junk. ive had the valves and shims replaced once already and i dont kno how many times theyve been adjusted. the transmission has been destroyed twice. the bike runs good but its totally unreliable. im waiting for the 05 yz250f to come out and i have the same problem finding them as u do. stick with yamaha........crf 250 is junk!!
  12. Speezack

    2005 YZF250

    NO! dont go buy a crf. i have an 04 crf250 and its terrible. im waiting for the 05 yz250f and have the same problem as you. the crf has major valve problems. ive had mine in the shop at least 7 times for valves. in fact its in the shop rite now. i have the transmission destroyed twice. im not the only one. the crf is a total piece of junk!!
  13. Speezack


    He has been riding for about 9 months and is just getting into motocross racing. He rides at three different tracks in the area. He has gotten a lot of hours under his belt considering it has just been nine months. We practice on Saturdays and Sundays for about 5-7 hours per day.