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    Bikes, tearing apart cars, working with my hands and getting my engineering degree.
  1. alexgauthier

    Trail tech vapor programming

    Everything is in the manual...only thing that isn't in the manual was setting the odometer. Email trail tech if you continue to have difficulties. They were pleasant when I emailed and called for info. Pm me if you need.
  2. alexgauthier

    S to SM conversion 320 EBC brake rotor upgrade

    320mm is an improvement. Have it on the 21" rim also. Braided lines are next. Possibly a fancy radial set up.
  3. alexgauthier

    cut down radiator shrouds on sm

    Talking about battery life...stock battery for almost 6 years here. Still going strong.
  4. alexgauthier

    How should these valve retainers be?

  5. alexgauthier

    50,000 mile motor, pics/inspection

    I've got an 09 and just crossed 23k miles.
  6. alexgauthier

    Highest mileage drz (updates?)

    I've got just over 22k on my 2009, bought it with only 1010 miles on it. Only adjusted valves. Have open mrd pipe, k&n filter, 3x3 and rejet. Saving money at the moment to do a full rebuild. Gonna big bore and stroke it with the wide ratio gear box.
  7. alexgauthier

    Oil filters

    Amazon. I buy 12 at a time.
  8. alexgauthier

    Engine shuts down after (extremely) bumpy terrain?

    Or put a small ziptie on the kick stand to trouble shoot before modifying the system. A member on here bypassed the kickstand switch,all right turns from his house to the street, then ate pavement on his first left because his stand was down.
  9. alexgauthier

    Cleaning Black Anodized Wheels

    Don't use purple power. It clouded my swingman pretty bad.
  10. alexgauthier

    Converting (S) to (SM)

    I have used both swingarms with same set of wheels.
  11. alexgauthier

    Converting (S) to (SM)

    I have had multiple brands for rear tires. 150's never rubbed. 160's rubbed every time. Pick one and try it. Each rim offset is a hair different.
  12. alexgauthier

    anyone retro fit 4 piston calipers?

    Pm radtech. He put an r6/r1 caliper on his if I remember correctly.
  13. alexgauthier

    Wheelie practice/issues

    Lots of practice. I'm to chicken to reach the balance point. Can power wheelie 4th gear though. The bounce method works good for 3rd and 4th.