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  1. i was looking to move to indian this winter if their was any tracks close to kokomo if their is please let me know thanks
  2. i dont think i would ever ride in the woods if i saw spiders hanging from the trees lol
  3. yea i figured i have been riding track all summer woods might help change up my training
  4. looks like im gonna put woods into my riding
  5. i am a avid motocross racer and i pratice all the time on motocross tracks my question is.. if i go into the woods would it help me or hurt me?
  6. well epic fail number one went to check my jetting and i couldnt get the top of my carb off because some1 who had the bike b4 me tighten the living heck out of it and its stripped and we couldnt get it off..........any suggestions??
  7. yea that coould be my problem i run 32:1 and mix with blendzall or how ever u spell it
  8. i dont know exactly what the spark plug i am suppose to run in my bike i didnt get a manual with the bike.....and the bike came from las vegas area and is now in iowa....so i am assuming my jetting might be a little off
  9. i feel like my rm runs as if it was always gasping for more gas...when i pull in the clutch or let of the gas it sounds like its going to run out of gas but it has a full tank...is it the plug i run or he gas i run a BR8ES and 32:1 mix any help woould be amazingggggg Thanks
  10. it runs like a dream...i cant keep off of it lol
  11. My new baby 2005 rm got it for 1900 and the guy only put about 3 hours in the past 4 years
  12. ok it just seems too fishy because he says he got the bike from an auction and has only 3 hours on it in the past 3 years but i will know tomorrow when i pick her up
  13. the bike doesnt have a title...would it be a bad idea to buy it the guy is selling it for only 1900
  14. well its time to upgrade i have a 2002 rm 250 and i am looking at getting a 2007 rm 250....i am just wandering how much better the 07 is then the 02 and some of the spec and good stuff about the 07. Thanks
  15. well took the bike to the shop last winter they screwed me hard by charging me alot of money and not putting my damping rods back in....i have an 02 rm 250 and i need some sort of damping rods that will fit in their PM if you have any spare ones or anything alone the lines of helping me out Thanks
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