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  1. iitreatedii

    premium gas vs regular

    91+...50hp is the norm for a built 440 drz with 39mm carb and hotcams
  2. iitreatedii

    premium gas vs regular

    unfortantely i think i have to ride my stock 400 S model
  3. iitreatedii

    premium gas vs regular

    octane booster i always believed it a waste of money...it only raises it like 7 points...aka 87-87.7... at first i thought it was 87+7 then thought =O...oh well lol... Sad part is i have like 10 gallons extra of regular lol but having a healthy strong motor is more important than riding
  4. iitreatedii

    premium gas vs regular

    I have the 50hp package, high compression 440 motor...will running 87 for one tank damage my motor? 91/93 is unavailable right now due to crisis...
  5. iitreatedii

    400sm sliders?

    I too have the SME, supermoto engineering axle sliders,
  6. iitreatedii

    I know someone selling a FCR 39 carb...

    yeah i have the same older fcr on my race drz sm...this was gonna be for my s...ok so if its a fair price i dont think im as interested lol, i wanted a good good price... as a really don't need it....thanks noble
  7. iitreatedii

    Compatible wheels? I've searched...

    400 is too pricey....
  8. Should I buy it for my other DRZ...he wants 250 dollars...It's brand new, just taken out of the box...thing is in sudco box...part number 016.740 appli cation 39 fcr ktm400 kit...How much is everything else I need to make it fit a drz...Is it worth buying
  9. iitreatedii

    how much are my wheels worth?

    Lol they're extras for me so I don't need them ..just curious want some extra money
  10. iitreatedii

    how much are my wheels worth?

  11. iitreatedii

    how much are my wheels worth?

    I have warp 9 rims with contisport tires, spacers 47 sprocket and rotors...I'm trying to sell them but obviously for the most I can without overpricing....I put 900 or best offer am I right or wrong, I know the whole whatever people wanna pay for them but just seeing everyones opinion...
  12. iitreatedii

    Is it really worth it?

    get an fcr before the exhaust and do the 3x3 and rejet...throttle response difference willl have you amazed
  13. iitreatedii

    Opinions on insurance.

    21 years old...progressive 139$ a year to insure 3 drzs, one sm and two s's, and a Harley Davidson...liability on all 4
  14. iitreatedii

    Drag Race...my new 440 motor 2007 vs many other bikes :D

    Your absolutely right man, sorry to hear if it wasnt my neighborhood I wouldn't feel the way I did you know
  15. iitreatedii

    Drag Race...my new 440 motor 2007 vs many other bikes :D

    Everything is great...the side roads are dead ends lol I keep it safe as much as I can