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  1. ctotilas

    32 spoke FRONT hub

    Honda has the 36 front spoke / 32 rear spoke set up. I lucked into some fresh A60 rims that came from excel's pro series for honda. (previous person cracked the hubs that came with it) Unfortunately the front is a 32 spoke. I am trying to find a company that makes the 32 spoke hub still. Does anyone know of any? Thanks
  2. ctotilas

    2015 CRF250R info released!

    If that was electric start I would have been all over that! Maybe 2016
  3. ctotilas

    Girls who ride; total keepers

    Follow me back girl! chrissytotilas143
  4. ctotilas

    '14 CRF250.....yep, I cant start this beast!

    X2 on the throttle cable. Not enough free play will cause this! Had this same problem on my 13. Loosened her to spec. Fires up 2/3 kick in cold weather.
  5. Does anyone have the rear shock torque spec..top side and bottom? Also the subframe torques. Thank you!
  6. ctotilas

    Primary gear on clutch basket

    I took it off and didn't pay attention to which way it came off.(stupid) The primary gear has "etched notches" on the teeth. They can either face closer to the basket or away from. Does anyone have any idea which way?
  7. ctotilas

    AGV Ax8 Evo Solid MX helmet , How is it?

    Love mine. By far the best I've ever had. Super light and good ventilation!
  8. ctotilas

    BIG contest coming soon!

    This is awesome Monk! Way to go!!
  9. ctotilas

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    If anyone has a code it would appreciated! I have paid back the favor a few times since my last post! Let me know! That'd be great!
  10. 5'3 100# I'm still a beginner so I guess take this with a grain of salt... But because you are pretty light like me realize that you may have to exaggerate some movements. Such as leaning forward to bring the front down in the air, you have less weight to push the front end down etc. Make sure you find a convenient place to stop your bike or you will fall over and feel stupid like me. lol good luck. Also at 125# get the right springs and set your sag.
  11. ctotilas

    Tire shelf life

    That's a great idea! Thanks!!
  12. ctotilas

    Tire shelf life

    It's through a sponsorship deal I have but they require me to order 10+ tires for free shipping. Thank you for the response
  13. Could be my dumbest question yet ..... but how long can I expect to keep tires(not on the bike) without them getting hard/dried out. They would be kept stacked in an air conditioned garage. I was thinking about a bulk order but I am unsure how they will last. Thanks
  14. ctotilas

    Photo shoot Motocross girly

    I always smile when you post! I wish you lived closer! Riding buddies!!
  15. I'm a pretty small person usually stuck right between child and adult sizes.. I have Fox titan sport knee guards.. they don't seem to protect the inside of the knee (where I squeeze the bike) My knees are dark purple after every ride. Does anyone have suggestions on guards that will protect the inside of my knee as well the knee cap. Most seem to only cover the front of the knee... Thank you all