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  1. BoxcarWilly

    Yay another rebuild after 3 or 4 hours..

    Hate to break it to ya hoss, but this isn’t doing shit.
  2. BoxcarWilly

    Yay another rebuild after 3 or 4 hours..

    Buy a street bike, hoss.
  3. BoxcarWilly

    2019 RR Race Edition Models - First Look

    8 of 9 "special components" are bling parts... ooooh ahhhhh
  4. We get it, you’re an “engineer”. Dont trip on yourself on the way out! 😘
  5. BoxcarWilly

    Anybody give a shit Deano got the boot?

    Big Weiner Deaner is an absolute stud. He’ll be riding for someone by round three. After riding with ye old sprinter van.
  6. BoxcarWilly

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    There's also an Engine Vin number.
  7. BoxcarWilly

    125 hard to clear jumps

    With all do respect, this doesn’t sound like a midpack B rider talking. Keeping the power on off of the entire face is standard jumping procedure. Youre making excuses and dodging around the point that the only thing that’s going to make you clear this jump. Going faster. This to me, on my YZ125. Looks like a second gear jump, wide open. Third gear with a little wiggle room. Take it from the outside and keep the power on the whole way.
  8. BoxcarWilly

    125 hard to clear jumps

    In short; you need to ride faster. Make sure the bike is pulling super high RPM on take off. You should be able to clear that no problem.
  9. BoxcarWilly

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    Great Thread. I've made THOUSANDS flipping project bikes. I tend to stay away from bikes that require excessive motorwork as A) it's expensive and B ) Extremely time consuming.
  10. BoxcarWilly

    Alessi...New Ride?

    Good thing he's finally done racing. Good riddance.
  11. BoxcarWilly

    CBD oils

    Also a noob in this department but I have a wicked shoulder injury that I’m waiting for surgery on that could use a little pain relief. @Hans Schmid where do you get yours from? Locally? Online? A solid online Canadian retailer would be great if you could reccomend one!
  12. BoxcarWilly

    Are you on Instagram?

    On instagram as @Tanner741 I do dirtbike stuff, skateboard stuff, and a LOT of shenanigans.
  13. BoxcarWilly

    Pipe guards? Yea or Nea

    So whats the point then? Now you have this heavy mud catcher on the bottom of your bike 24/7 for no reason. No disrespect to Emperor, I've ran their link guards and rad guards in the past and their quality is top notch, AND made.
  14. BoxcarWilly

    Pipe guards? Yea or Nea

    That pipe doesn't look saved to me 🤐
  15. BoxcarWilly

    Pipe guards? Yea or Nea

    If I ever saw this in person I would not stop laughing the rest of the ride. Jesus Christ.