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  1. suppresst

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Oh, and yes, most trails in Michigan have a club or organization that helps maintain it in cooperation with the DNR or National Forest. Pick the trails you would be most interested in helping maintain, contact the relevant agency, and get contact info. for that club. They may also allow you to sign up directly with them as volunteer.
  2. suppresst

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    First, be aware that ORV general permit (around $25) and ORV State Trails (additional $10) is up substantially from what it was a few years back (around $15 total) specifically to help fund trail maintenance and construction. Now, this money goes principally to the Michigan DNR but is shared with (federal) national forests for their trails too. Our DNR is actually very supportive of trail construction and use because they operate under a political climate in Michigan that supports tourism for the money. People who ride ORV's support all kinds of businesses in state. It is at the national level where most of whacky environmentalist bring pressure, and thus that pressure impacts the national forest trails in our state. If you go to the online map of ORV trails in this state, you can determine whether the trail you are riding is federal or state based on the background color (see the legend keys at bottom of each page). Also, at the trail itself should be signs indicating who is responsible for trail. You'll find there is less enthusiasm to build, and perhaps maintain, trails when you talk with the national forest people in our state, and they'll tell you that is because of budget constraints (maybe true, maybe not). Much of the money that maintains the federal trails comes from an allotment of funds that comes from our federal gasoline tax, under the theory that a certain percentage of gas sold at pumps is pumped into ORV's There is political pressure to end that allotment, by those who argue the money should go 100% to our underfunded federal highways (huge deficit). If you love to ORV, vote Republican, and for Trump, because they support ORV's. Obama was trying to kill access for ORV's primarily by designating a record amount of land as "wilderness", and thus inaccessible by law to ORV's. Trump is trying to roll back some of that acreage that Obama set aside. All trails in our state, whether fed or state, our supposed to meet certain standards. As taxpayer you should definitely learn to report substandard conditions - trees down, bridges out, signs missing, whoops, wash-outs, and more.
  3. suppresst

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Please help maintain our ORV trails by letting the relevant authority know about sub-standard conditions. Tin Cup is on state land, and we're paying a lot of money into the state trails system now through the new higher ORV sticker fees. Here is a link to their webpage where you can contact to let them know about whoops at Tin Cup https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-350-79137---,00.html. When riding on federal land trails (Manistee National Forest) contact the relevant national forest office (White Cloud, Cadillac).
  4. Well, thanks one and all - to those sincere and polite, AND to the jeering mob. You in the jeering mob intended to harm me but God used it for good. It’s clear to me, now, that you in the mob would wear a five gallon bucket with eye holes cut if helmet manufacturers told you too. Your ignorance comvinces me that dirt bike helmets weekend riders wear were designed for the peculiar needs of motocross (visors to block roost, and chin guard to deflect rocks and mud and that protrude to create breathing space). They. probably gave no consideration to risks to spine of such a design. I will be contacting manufacturers, but likely I will defy your herd mentality and buy helmet with recessed chin guard or no guard st all, and remove visor if it has one. I don’t race on the world circuit, nor do I need to pretend I do. I ride tight trails with trees. To the jeering mob, just keep doing what you do best - follow like sheep.
  5. Well now that I "understand" what a "moderator" does I can take my gloves off - you haven't proved a thing. You're first response was to tell me to "not crash'. Tell Ken Roczen that. Not one response yet as to the full design implications of the chin piece sticking out, or why pro motocross guys have a more recessed chin profile on their helmets (as least many do). Lots of insults but no insight, Mr. "Moderator". Any "nOOB" can sling insults. You must be a DEMOCRAT.
  6. You got a link to that video?
  7. For a "moderator" you are sometimes not very moderate. I clearly spell out, a few posts ago, that I am not really suggesting anyone is designing helmet to create spinal injuries (yes I phrased it a little that in title of the thread). I am suggesting that the notion of creating a breathing space up front has the unfortunate effect of enhancing a neck injury. In other words, when they put the chin beak in to create breathing space, did they factor in what the projecting chin design would do if you actually impact a stationary object head on? 1/3 of the participants here suggest the solution is not to crash, which is silly. I watch pro enduro and motocross all the time and see all manner of crashes. What I am finding difficult to believe is that nobody, at the consumer end, seems to have examined the question of what the consequence of the protruding chin is for the spine. I tipped over into a tree going about walking speed (3 - to 5 mph) and got whip lash because that chin piece whipped my head back. I'm not convinced that I would have got whiplash if the chin protector was molded closer to the chin. Try it. Put on your helmet and bump gently up against a wall with the chin projectile on helmet. It creates an unnatural strain on the neck and spine.
  8. No capitalism isn't bad, people are. Capitalism is the best system yet designed by man to keep men's selfishness channeled for the common good. It's a system of controlled self-interest. Helmet manufacturers are in it for profit, not to spread the Gospel.
  9. Okay NOW we are getting somewhere? Please, what is an ECE rated helmet? Also, can you provide links to some of the helmet models you suggest or are using?
  10. Well, allow me to perfect my point. It's not just the question, Are helmets designed to protect spine? They probably aren't. My question from the get-go is, Are they designed in such a way, with protruding chin piece, that they actually enhance chances of spine injury? That is the WHOLE question I am posing here.
  11. Okay, you tell me why helmets are no longer required in Michigan as of a couple years ago. Mayo Clinic recommended it?
  12. No friend, just trying to find out if anybody actually knows if protecting the spine is part of design consideration in dirt bike helmets or if that is not a primary consideration. If it is not I most certainly will take action to protect my spine; maybe buy an old style helmet.
  13. Even if you're right about braces, you still haven't contributed anything meaningful to understanding of helmet design. Is it because you don't know?
  14. I can read. Which part of "on the board" don't you understand? Board members have no operational authority.
  15. In Michigan, you no longer need to wear helmet when riding on street. This was totally dictated by desire to get street riders into the state for tourist dollars. Follow the money. Braces are quack remedies to snare your money.