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  1. rm298z

    RM250 winter jetting

    I usually just run a bigger main in my 06 in the winter, I think its about three digits bigger. Pilot seems a touch lean below 15 degrees f but the next size up seemed to rich. Thats at 10 to 50 degrees f at 200 ft.
  2. rm298z

    Whats the Best Exhaust for 05 RM 250

    Stock pipe with PC shorty silencer is probably the best all around setup. Gives a little more snap and moves the hit down a little on my 06.
  3. rm298z

    Road tyres on an xr650r

    I think I put a 120 on the back and ran whatever size 21" they had on the front. I was going to go even wider on the back but was afraid it would become too round and not flat enough. 120 seems to work good. They are the H-rated BT-45. There is another BT-45 with a higher speed rating and stickier compound, but they don't make it in a 21" for the front. In case you continue having trouble finding it, this is the place I bought mine. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/1/28/396/6012/ITEM/Bridgestone-Battlax-BT-45-Sport-Touring-Front-Tire.aspx They are tubeless tires, but I've run a tube in them with no problems. If you are looking for even more info, try supermotojunkie.com. Out here they call it a sportsman setup when you just run the stock rims with dirt tires. The front xr650r brake is horrible on the dirt and even more horrible on the street. A lot of street riders usually upgrade to a oversize front rotor too.
  4. rm298z

    My XR650L Motard project

    Rides good on the streets, probably one of the best if not the best all around bike made. A dual sport kit runs around $400.
  5. rm298z

    Road tyres on an xr650r

    I was too cheap to buy 17's. These stick awesome even on the stock rims. Not nearly bad as I expected on dirt roads either. I do mostly commuting and knobbies just did not last long enough and were way to dangerous for any large amount of road riding. Tires are Bridgestone bt-45's. Suppose to be a 10000 mile tire. Stick great, amazing in the rain compared to any dual sport tire.
  6. rm298z

    07 650R street Tard Finished!

    yeah, I'm from southwick. But spend most my time out in that area. Nice roads and little traffic. I put about 3000 miles on the bike in the few months that I've had it. Everytime I take it out though I seem to get pulled over. I just bought a RX-8 so I've kind of forgot about the xr until a couple days ago.
  7. rm298z

    07 650R street Tard Finished!

    Once it gets nice out again we should meet up for a ride. I usually ride around where route 8 intersects 57. A lot of nice paved and dirt roads out there.
  8. rm298z

    Pig vs piggy

    What do you mean, I picked up this for $2100 with a street title.
  9. rm298z

    07 650R street Tard Finished!

    Nice Bike! I'd do that to mine but just can't see wrapping up that much money into it and never being able to get it back. You must be approaching the msrp of a new race replica.
  10. rm298z

    XR invisible to radar?

    I've been hit by ladar on a XR, its not invisible. Being made of very few ferrous materials has nothing to do with being invisible to radar. The lasers the cops use could probably pick up a bird.
  11. rm298z

    winter dual sporting?

    Ice screws will rip out on any length of dirt or road more than 10 feet. Its easy enough just to throw the bike in the back of a pickup and drive to the ice. Or ride snowmobile trails. Any type of screw, even cars studs would be dangerous. Steel against pavement is as slippery as rubber on ice. Don't do it.
  12. rm298z

    Oh oooooh

    I'll buy the KTM if Honda does not put something out similar in the next year. KTM makes a great offroad product. Will be nice to have something with ergo's similar to todays mx bikes. The XR's kind of feel dated in that way.
  13. rm298z

    XR650R's gearbox for the highway

    With the Right gearing the 650R is probably the best dual sport ever. It can do anything a mx bike can do, then its amazingly happy and super smooth on any road. The 650R just uncorked is one of the best engines ever made. I am running 15-48 and it works great as long as you don't need to go over 65 for too long. Anything taller than that will not be much fun in the dirt.
  14. rm298z

    If not now, VERY SOON!

    I sure hope a CRF700R comes out soon, I'd buy one. Otherwise KTM might give honda a run for their money.
  15. rm298z

    XR650R Clutch Basket Removal

    my bushing was the same way. I just hammerd it out and honed it, the new one would not fit without the hone. You want it to slide in and out easily. Make sure you oil everything up too when you put it back together. are you sure it was the replacement, I think the stock one has fewer holes but with more space on the center of the bushing to hold oil.