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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Lamerik forest can I just show up let's say tomorrow and just ride? Or do I need a membership?
  2. Good day I'm Kevin I just moved to Ontario and I don't know the place very well I live in Kingston and I'm looking for a place to ride. I have a KTM EXC 450 street legal. I'm looking for trails or pits or something to play around in before the snow starts. Anyone out here that know where I could play around?
  3. thank you for that, im going to go with 52 in the rear then, I've already ordered the 52 in the front but im going to get the 3s also and compare them.
  4. What do you guys think of that combo. I ride some track and some sand/dirt. I wanted to try something different this year. mx3s rear(replaced mx32) and mx52 front. I was with bridgetone but was not impressed with them last year.
  5. I have a 2007 CRF450r honda bike. My question is what happens when you can no longer shim the intake valves? I re shimmed them twice last summer and by the end of the summer the shims were really tight. Now the bike will no longer start. Does this mean i need to replace the valves? or is it a valve spring? or am i way off and its something else. I can no longer even fit a .03 mm feeler gauge in the intake. how ever the exhaust side i can push a .30mm. I have a shim kit and my lowest shims are now in the intake and its still too tight. Yes the bike is confirmed timed properly.
  6. I never opened the cartridge i only opened the outer suspension. does this matter? I just wanted to add a little more cc of oil in the outer case. I just never knew it had a bladder.
  7. I purchased a 2013 ktm sxf 450 last year and got the shock and forks professionaly done for MX. This year i am just going to add 10cc of oil extra then what i had in the fork. When i opened up the fork, I notice it was a close chamber with a bladder inside. I didn't touch it, i just dumped the oil from the outside chamber and have enough to refill it. The inside chamber holds a bladder in which you need to fill with oil and put air in it. I have two questions. First, Do I need to put air in that bladder...ever? I found myself bottoming out a little and wonder now if air could of possibly escape. Second. The screws on top of the forks, generally on most of my previous bikes, i would unscrew them and let the air escape after every moto. With this type of fork, do I need to unscrew this and let the air out ever?
  8. sigops

    KTM 450 SX-F (2013)


  9. sigops

    KTM 450 SX-F 2013

  10. ok thanks I'll will continue to play with that. I'm pretty sure I'm very close to the correct settings. I just didn't want to throw the bike off balance by turning some clicker too much on one side and not the other(front and back). I will keep looking for info on suspension setup.
  11. ok just to be clear here. My first time having suspensions done. I was given those numbers. my sag is set at 108, that was the setup he gave me. forks: 15C, 17R. shock: 15C, 17R. I can't remember the slow compression, I believe it was 1 3/4. Originally I was bottoming out, now I am back to the numbers given to me. However when I am landing a jump a bit hard my rear end kicks me up. At least I'm not bottoming out now. My question is now, should I deviate from what he gave me, by changing all the settings one click, or do I just change, in this case the rear shock rebound one click? May seem pretty simple for some but I'm new at this suspension setup thing.
  12. rider weight is about 195lbs. my sag is set at 108, that was the setup he gave me. forks: 15C, 17R. shock: 15C, 17R. I can't remember the slow compression, I believe it was 1 3/4.
  13. so when I went riding this week end. I started to go back to the original settings that SSS has given me. Its almost perfect now. I guess my question is now, when getting a new setup, new valves, oils, and springs. Does it take this long before the break in? I've been on this bike now for about 13 hours. Maybe it was not broken in yet?
  14. I tried talking to SSS, but response is a little slower sometimes. I figured they are too busy right now or they just don't want to bother. I went with them because I heard really good things. I'm just trying to find the best settings for my bike. I always ran stock before. This KTM seems to handle very well in turns. Pretty good on rough terrain, I was just complaining because when I cased a jump, it just didn't go very well(not that it should) but I should be able to hang on and not have the bike kick out everywhere, resulting in some arm pump, if you know what I mean. I will try to play a little with the settings now thou, I'll do one at a time.