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  1. A friend of mine just installed a JD Keihin and V Force reeds. He has no throttle free play and is complaining that the throttle feels like WOT at 1/4. I noticed what looked like a brass carb cable barrel adapter when they did the install but was busy dealing with my own bike after it went for a swim and have not had a close look at it. Wondering if it must be a cable issue and the slide is open more than it should. He tried to call JD today but they were closed for the weekend. Anyone have issues installing a Keihin with stock throttle cable?
  2. I talked to Dave from SPI last night, he talked me through it and is sending me free piston o rings and shaft seals, rod seals and KYB seal head tool. Mechanically everything looks fine.
  3. Looks like cartridge seals. No oil in the cartridge. cant find any mechanical issues. No wear marks on damper rod. Just ordered 3 types of seals and KYB seal tool.
  4. Maybe broken free piston. Rod moves freely back and forth.
  5. Pulled inner out. Really not sure what to look for. My buddy that did the work will not answer anything.
  6. I’m gonna pull the forks apart tonight and bottom by hand. Just super busy with work.
  7. Not all the way, about an inch shy.
  8. Could it be the top out springs? Fork damping is fine.
  9. What’s the best way to do this?
  10. FX muffler is an F muffler with a baffle. I beat mine out. Hardly any noise difference, flows a tiny bit more.
  11. Way better oils out there for the money than Yamalube.
  12. I had a Torque Drive, it worked good.
  13. Only time I notice weight if if I hop on a 2 stroke riding the same loop. I don’t think it’s much of an issue on this bike.
  14. It has gotten progressively worse since last season so who knows, maybe that’s the issue. It was not that bad the end of last season.