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  1. Because they work great and last a long time. Just like Sedona 907’s. For my conditions on the east coast it’s a good tire. It’s a woods tire for me, I don’t run either of those 2 on the track.
  2. I’ve been riding with studs in the winter for years. Goggle wise the only thing you need is a dual lens. Keep air flowing through it and you are all good. I run the same Oakley and Klim goggles on my bike and sled year round.
  3. They are soft in my experience.
  4. I ride fast rocky trail, hit baby heads in fifth gear. Wheels are straight as can be. I have flat spotted more Giant and Excel wheels than DID.
  5. They are just as soft.
  6. The only thing Jody fills is magazines full of VS.
  7. He should be wearing some camo with Browning stickers all over it with those glasses on.
  8. Race horses are temperamental and fragile. Draft bourses are stoic and get the job done without complaint. My uncle raised Belgians, I worked on his farm in the summer. Race horses are pussies, overpriced and always breaking. Kind of like KTM.
  9. What they really need to learn is to pull out....
  10. What I mostly remember was my buddy fixing broken ones. A friend of mine just became an Aprillia dealer. I wished him luck and told him to get used to the two new Superbikes sitting in his showroom. He is a Beta dealer as well.
  11. Gods plan, Bahhhaaaahahahaaa. That crap always makes me laugh.
  12. Always an uphill battle countering the diareah that come out of their mouths. The guy should get the Medal of Honor.
  13. Only a year old, I will stock up.
  14. Are the old M5B's discontinued. The IRC website is only showing the Evo. My tire shop does not know. It's showing he can still order through his distributor. The Evo does not show up for him. I picked up 4 today and may pick up a bunch more.
  15. Is the Evo taking over and they are dumping the old favourite? I can't seem to get a solid answer. My iCal tire shop has 10 130/18's in stock. I'm gonna grab a few today.