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  1. Look at Michelin Starcross 5 tires if you wanna shave some weight.
  2. Very little difference in noise. You can remove your kickstand, kick starter if you have one. Depends what you wanna spend....titanium fastener kit, carbon hubs, lighter tires and tubes, etc. @Mid Life Crisis could give you some tips.
  3. No real HP gain from an exhaust on this bike. If you want to save weight get a lithium battery. If you want more snap load a different map, buy an airbox/intake kit, different cam, etc. Did you remove the baffle in the stock muffler? If not try this first.
  4. 150.
  5. I wouldn’t discount the FX without riding one. My first 250f woods bike and I don’t miss the power of my 350, 400, 250smoker...
  6. The X Trainer is a 300 now with a 250 option. It’s not a full size bike, it would not need to be lowered. The Freeride will fit someone that is 5’5” no issues...
  7. It’s hard to beat the stock pipe unless you are looking to save weight or you need a spark arrestor.
  8. You need to be realistic about her skill level and how committed she is to improving that skill. Why don’t you give her your CR to ride?
  9. The 150 has plenty of low end. Yes you need to shift and use the clutch on a 150 but do you not want your lady to learn some skills? The 15 and 250 are both very potent race bikes, maybe the Freeride 250R is the better choice. My buddies wife has one and loves it, she came off of a CRF150 and I taught her the MSF offroad course. Have you considered a Beta Xtrainer? I know a lot of ladies riding them.
  10. 150 would be fine for her. You could de tune it if you needed to.
  11. Why do you want an exhaust?
  12. I agree, the X is a better bike in the tight stuff. I just decided I wanted a do it all bike instead of having 3 bikes in my garage. I’m looking at picking up another 2 stroke soon because as good as the FX is, a smoker is better for the tighter courses we run from time to time.
  13. What about a Yamaha 250FX? Deciding on a 350 or 250/300 2 stroke really depends on what you will be riding most of the time. I'm pretty much only riding my FX these days as its the best all around bike for my geography and style. So many great bikes out now. Sherco, GG, Beta are all making great new bikes. If I was to buy a new smoker right now it would be a Husky TX or a Yamaha 250X. Im more of a 250 2 stroke guy. They are more exciting to ride, feel lighter and wind up and down quicker. If you have big climbs and more extreme terrain maybe the 300 is a better choice.
  14. Also, just to add that my bike is not running fire roads and quad trails. We have tight technical trail in my part of the world.
  15. Also, talking about the FX, it’s s race bike. It’s not a trail bike. I know a few guys that bought them and complained about the characteristics that many of us wanted. The bike is an MX bike with a few minor changes for XC. It’s not a TTR....