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  1. You must be new here. I put the B in bashing and the rolling in trolling.
  2. If you mean a vivid imagination is a dangerous trend, you are correct.
  3. It's Vital, they were too busy bro'ing down to actually figure it out.
  4. Lol, it snapped. I was there. It was a 15 300 XCW. Bike was in great shape. Took out his chain, sprocket and rear caliber bracket. My buddies brand new 17 XCW had the brake clevis bolt fall of and a bad gasket that was leaking coolant on a brand new bike. The dealer told him the pipe was spooning up and caused the gasket to leak. Told him he needed to get on the throttle. I al,out spit out my coffee when he told me that. At least own up to the assembly error, fix it and move on.
  5. Another KTM component failure at the last HS race of the season today. That's about 5 now in the last two weeks from people I ride with on new or almost new machines. Rear axle snapped.
  6. That tire works in anything I've thrown at it.
  7. I run 3 different tires on 2 different wheels. Sedona 907 and IRC M5B on a Tubliss set up and a Starcross 5 medium with a tube. Starcross is for track and loamy courses.
  8. Further out on rebound. Try 12 comp and 12 reb. Go out 2 clicks on rebound if that does not feel good, then another 2. The OC forks are not great in the hack and deflect a lot. The CC forks deflect a lot as well. I'm trying to help my buddy with his 17 race edition now that he just dropped $1500 on suspension. Still deflecting. They need a good 10 hours of break in. Great bikes but I really don't like the suspension on them, really brings down what is a pretty great package over all.
  9. Picked up a dozen Goldentyres today. Here is a pic of the new 90/90 and 90/100. Not sure what I'm going to mount first. I may put on the Shinko 216 90/100 before the new Goldens.
  10. 90/90 vs 90/120. Just over 20mm higher.
  11. I normally run the 90/90. I have two new GT216 with the updated compound coming next week. 90/90 and 90/100. Doubt I will get enough riding in until it's time for studs to test 3 tires as I have a new old version 216 in 90/90 I just mounted.
  12. Looks like it is.
  13. That's exactly what I do to every set of CC forks on the RE. The fork is pretty good stock, it just deflects a little too much. It's not hard to change fork pre load as well which can help.
  14. I've ridden every new Beta available. I'm friends with the distributor for Canada who is based where I live. I spent two hours yesterday trying to dial in my friends 17 250 Race Edition that he just dropped $1500 on the suspension to get rid of the deflection. I live in Beta country, I know the bikes very well. The suspension has been getting better every year but it still needs work to perform as well as a stock KYB SSS set up. I'm not a big fan of the OC Sachs fork, even after dropping $1k on them they still are the glaring weakness on Beta machines. I don't think that's any secret.
  15. I'd notice. I'm super sensitive to set up. Some people out there actually understand how things work and like to make them work better. I don't run the average KYB set up. I'm not overthinking anything. You are the guy saying a brake lever tip is gonna affect the way the bike Some guys get on a bike and don't set sag, don't even know if the clickers are set the same, change their oil at 300 hours, etc. and wonder why their bikes feel like crap. Sorry, that's not me. I'm usually nice enough to help them get set up correctly though. I spent 2 hours today dialing in my buds 17 250 Race Edition that he just had to spend $1500 on the suspension to make it nice. It's still deflecting. So I will tell all my Beta buds that the reason I blast by them all in the rock gardens is because I had a better breakfast selection bahahahhahaa!