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  1. Here is the KTM tip on the Yamaha pedal. Drill out the rivet and bolt on the KTM tip. It’s around $12.
  2. ckny

    YZ250FX running hot?

    Clutch was fried, slipping. Fan fused was blown. Hot weather, tight trails. A bunch of contributing factors. Working great now.
  3. ckny

    How is the Yz250fx?

    Yeah of course. It’s a 20lb heavier 4 stroke. I notice the difference in feel between a 250 and 300.
  4. ckny

    YZ250FX running hot?

    I used new stock springs and a Pro X clutch kit from RMATV. That’s the only other clutch I would recommend other than the OEM Yamaha. Feel identical to OEM. I used the OEM cushion spring as well. Also installed a new cable. Clutch sounds a little noisier but works good.
  5. This. I mostly run the DBT map and 2100-2200 RPM idle.
  6. ckny

    How is the Yz250fx?

    52T fixes the gap between 2nd and 3rd. I ran my spare rear wheel the last 3 rides in tighter more technical trail and really noticed having the stock 51T on it. The 52 works so much better.
  7. ckny

    How is the Yz250fx?

    I prefer one tooth up in the rear, 52 really works great if you ride a lot of tight trail.
  8. ckny

    Muddy radiators

    I never have an issue running stock rads and louvres. I run the fan kit.
  9. ckny

    How is the Yz250fx?

    Tons of threads on this topic already. Try a quick search.
  10. Trade it in for a TTR230.
  11. ckny

    Zach Osborne on "da" 4-5-0

    I smell a Supreme Court nomination coming...
  12. ckny

    Zach Osborne on "da" 4-5-0

    Sometimes I like riding chicks more than bikes but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna win the next season of The Bachlorette...
  13. That’s my plan as well right now.
  14. 250F are the most underrated woods bikes out there. I bought an FX to go with my two smokers for woods racing and sold the 2 strokes after less than a season. I really give up very little in the woods to the 250/300 2 strokes. I’m the only guy on a 250F in a sea of 2 strokes and 350’s around the guys I ride with.