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  1. BurnerX

    Jetting 2014 300 EXC + Gnarly

    Hi, Im trying to jet my 2014 300 EXC I don't know allot about jetting so any help you can give will be more than welcome. Current setup is AS: 2.5 turns IJ: 35 Needle: N4D K Pos: 3rd clip MJ: 165 *im running 1:60 premix with motorex oil with a FMF Gnarly + PCShorty End. *The bike produces more smoke than usual after the exhaust was installed 2 weeks ago. *The plug is coming out a little more on the dark end with a some carbon buildup and I fell it needs more power on the botton, more snap. but its not bogging down either. 70% of where I ride its around 850ft asl the race tracks I hit in the series are on 2700 and 7200ft asl with lots of technical climbs and nasty creeks filled with rocks. I need a little guidance to jet my bike for 850 and what adjustments should be for 2700 & 7200ft asl.. Thanks
  2. Hi, After installing a new earthX lightweight battery on my 300 EXC, enjoying it only a few races my starter failed. Took out the ignition cover and started to clean and replace everything, only to realize that the bendix disintegrated the case side collar bushing and took out the case seat along the way. I really don't want to leave this thing like this, I really want to try and fix this but a new case and labor can go over 1,000 usd and it is too much for what its worth. Has anybody ever had this issue or know of anybody successfully repairing in a machine shop the collar bushing base?? Help much appreciated.
  3. BurnerX

    Exhaust advice for 2014 300 EXC SixDays

    And what about the Fatty vs de factory Fatty.. is there any gain in the factory edition worth while???
  4. Hi, I just ruined the pipe on my 300, I was looking at the power parts catalogue and it runs to $329 usd while FMFs ($170-$220) Im trying to decide if its worth it to stick with the original one or go aftermarket. How would you rate the OEM vs FMF Fatty or Factory Fatty?? I race mainly desert and technical trails.
  5. BurnerX

    Need help finding this skid/pipe guard

    Ive tried to get in contact with 3 guys I know have this kit with no luck. I am to amazed this kit is not available, it really looks gnarly!!
  6. BurnerX

    Need help finding this skid/pipe guard

    Im still in the search for this design.. have sent a bunch of emails to guys I've seen in pics that have this kit still waiting for an answer..
  7. BurnerX

    Need help finding this skid/pipe guard

    Now theres a bargain tough to beat!!! SKID PLATE & PIPE GUARD and a Free Beer opener.. Lol!!!!
  8. BurnerX

    Need help finding this skid/pipe guard

    Thats why I was looking for the aluminum pipe.. I get to ride in rocks allot and want the protection so I don't bend the pipe like I have done before. and I really like how this aluminum model looks
  9. Hi, I have been looking everywhere for this skid/pipe guard with no luck.. Has anybody seen this guard or know where to purchase it. Thanks for the help
  10. BurnerX

    Acerbis X-Force Handguards

    Cool product
  11. BurnerX

    Maxxis M7305D Maxxcross Desert IT Tire

    Best tire there is for desert/rocky conditions
  12. BurnerX

    Michelin Bib Mousse Front Tube

    A must have
  13. BurnerX

    Fastway FIT Handguard System

    Great product!!! 2nd kit I bought
  14. BurnerX

    KTM 300 EXC 2005

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