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  1. I'm enjoying rimskim a whole lot better than the MEC. The racing is good, the coverage and announcing is good. And along with all that no one has gone down bad.
  2. I've tried Ryno Powers Protien and Carb mix. I can't really say I'm a huge fan. The recoup didn't seem as quick, and it actually upset my stomach even using smaller amounts than recommended. No proof*, but to me Ryno power just seems to be a rebranded generic powder. I've been using 1stPhorm for awhile and really enjoy it. The Protien is hydrolyzed for quicker assimilation. Basically I find it doesn't weigh too heavily on me, and I haven't had any side effects from it.
  3. No way Monster is going to let a Redbull rider win this million
  4. I agree with others.. I'd rip it out and start fresh, and do it the way you want it done. This way you can know everything has been done correctly.
  5. This is going to be awesome. I guess the rumor (who would've guessed) is that stew is secretly on the entry list. That's why everyone has been hyping it... Probably not, but this is the best chance of him riding again.
  6. I wouldn't of said this 6 months ago (go look back at my posts if you want), but KR will be back and ready for A1.
  7. I'd bet Tomac won't get the million.
  8. I really don't think you can go wrong with either.
  9. Exactly. I've lost 30 lbs. over the summer. Riding feels alot better. However for bike weight reduction wheels and sprockets do play a big part.
  10. Bike weight is absolutely overrated when most riders could stand to lose the weight, instead of the bike.
  11. I couldn't imagine anything better than CR on the 04 YZ250 vs. JS on a KX250 number 259
  12. This would be pretty awesome what Roczen is trying to get together. Everyone on a two-stroke, bring out the older guys like Wey and Kdub, I'm sure they can still hang for 45sec. Same with Stewart having not ridden for so long. Reed on the retro, Ronnie Mac trying not to loop out. Pastrana on the RMZilla, maybe mookie on the Aluminum Frame RM.
  13. Keep an eye open. Good deals are out there
  14. I think you can feel them well enough. The toe box isn't too bulky which is good for getting under the shifter, and there is a rubber like patch on the boots around where the top of your big toe is which helps with contact.
  15. Very comfortable while still protective. I've used them on multi-day rides in Colorado. Alot of me is sore after those rides, but not my feet or ankles.