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  1. Mookie broken femur is the word
  2. Honestly I think the best way is just to study a good topo map and your route. Then bring that topo map with you on the ride, and use a gps for position reference.
  3. In the end it just comes down to technique and lube.
  4. CR250_182

    Thunder valley race

    Drove out to co. this past weekend and saw Shorty at Panera! He was really cool, and talked about his rally riding a bit
  5. CR250_182

    Tickle Positive

    "allegedly", "no proof". Lawyer is definitely working towards a defamation case or something similar
  6. to be fair the fork guard bolts come loctite-ed in many cases. I've stripped a few out, and that's using a good snap-on set of allens. Chisel and hammer I go!
  7. For the most part it seems like many are, but no one will be able to help unless you give year/make/model. Basically most calipers are though, you just have to swap them to the correct bracket
  8. CR250_182


    So this
  9. CR250_182

    Shinko fat tires

    I like the 525 cheater rear more than the 505. The knobs are spread out more so it does better in mud. The tubliss has a small inner bladder which acts like a bead lock all the way around, and seals off your tire from air escaping through the spoke holes, that's what you air to 100psi. Then there is a valve which goes through that which you adjust your tire pressure. If you do tubliss I'd run a tire with a stiffer sidewalk, not one of the cheaters
  10. CR250_182

    Impact crushing a gasket on case?

    I could see a very small chance of that, but more likely just coincidental or the cover is actually damaged.
  11. CR250_182

    Rekluse Motor Sports Gets Snapped Up

    Yup, my first thought. There goes quality control so they can increase their profits. Can't say I'm a fan of this. Rekluse seemed to be doing just fine.
  12. CR250_182

    What should i use to clean my air filter

    I too like the NoToil method, but I'd take it one step farther with the cleaning. Instead of using the expensive NoToil, or cheaper but still expensive Oxy-Clean, just buy some bulk Sodium Carbonate. I've found you can get a 6 gallon bucket for like $40.
  13. CR250_182

    Project Ideas

    Like these? www.amazon.com/dp/B003T7XUE4/ref=asc_df_B003T7XUE45428831/?tag=hyprod-20&creative=394997&creativeASIN=B003T7XUE4&linkCode=df0&hvadid=231741771051&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=16579130808253503673&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9023808&hvtargid=pla-382629196960
  14. CR250_182

    Dirt bike grips recomendation

    Renthal Kevlar is the only way to go imo
  15. CR250_182

    Project Ideas

    How do they do theirs, I'm not familiar. Is it based around the stem? I googled it, but didn't find too much.