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  1. CO MotoRider

    Race day back up bike

    In Colorado they let you switch bikes no problem, even numbers if displacement isn't an issue.
  2. CO MotoRider

    This is cool RV on all big bikes sold by Yamaha

    Differences is, of course, we're can't ride like villopoto... he didn't make the 10 mistakes that separate 2 from 4. Takes 2 mistakes to not keep up to every 4. Same reason for average rider can't learn as well from a pro as they can from someone one class faster. When you're 3 techniques behind you can't master the fourth. Similar to calculus...
  3. CO MotoRider

    2006 yz450f..

    My '06 YZ250F didn't have a dipstick, just a site window. Are you maybe using an aftermarket dipstick that isn't meant for the bike? Did you check the window?
  4. CO MotoRider

    Would a xr100r be an upgrade

    So you learned a lesson? Never say never?
  5. CO MotoRider


    I put 110-115 in mine before every ride, no problem. All track or hare scramble, but 120psi at the end of the ride and never an issue. But... Tay being said better safe than sorry! If it is cold and you are miles from your truck, I'd start at 100 and never think twice.
  6. CO MotoRider

    Who can argue the BEST bike all around?

    The bike you own?
  7. CO MotoRider

    Dunlop mx3s rear and mx52 front combo

    3S front and 52 rear. 3S is the best front I've used. The 52 rear hold up better that 3S. I hate the 52 front.
  8. CO MotoRider

    2017 Supercross San Diego Bench Racing

    Air forks, YouTube has a video on his setup.
  9. CO MotoRider

    why wont my bike start!

    My 06 did this when the carb was out of adjustment.
  10. CO MotoRider

    Lookin' Good

    1 to end. Weisco Racer's Choice. Bike ran great until it blew. Ended up winning my class because luckily it happened last lap. Can't wait to start cleaning!
  11. CO MotoRider

    Lookin' Good

    Pulled my CRF450R apart after the engine died during my last hare scramble. Good winter project. 300 hours of hard riding... Bye bye bottom end.
  12. CO MotoRider

    Why do people use mx bikes in the woods?

    I ride a CRF450R and ride at least one harescramble a month, or at last did until the local winter series was shut down due to a housing development... Other than that I ride track 80% of the time. Everyone asks why I don't ride a trail bike. It is annoying. Ride what you want and get over yourself.
  13. CO MotoRider

    Favorite bike shops!

    Let It Ride in Lakewood, CO! They do not sell bikes but they do parts and gear/apparell. Since they don't sell bikes they can even be open Sundays during the summer. Nothing like needing a part at 5pm on a Saturday to ruin a Sunday ride!
  14. CO MotoRider


    There is a pretty terrible Honda dealer in Lakewood. While waiting for a jug of oil, for some reason kept in back, the counter guy told a guy to fill his case to the top of the fill hole. Then told the guy to bring his kids to IMI for some wood riding... IMI has moto tracks and maybe two trees. They were out of oil filters for my 09 CRF450R which are only used in all CRF models.
  15. CO MotoRider

    The "Let's CELEBRATE" Contest! Free stuff!

    I cannot help but reply. My new friend moved to Texas from Colorado and our last time riding I brought my camera. Guess I need to make it to Texas soon... congrats!