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  1. Myboyblue

    yz125 clutch

  2. Myboyblue

    yz125 clutch

    Great job! I love happy endings.... [emoji4]
  3. Myboyblue

    yz125 clutch

  4. Myboyblue

    yz125 clutch

    Yes.. I believe there is a specific alignment for that axle push lever. It should be outlined and instructed in the service manual.
  5. Hi Guys, Most of my riding is done at Raceway Park or Holiday Mountain MX in Monticello, NY. Its a 1 hour 45 min. ride but it has a lot to offer. I ride the main track, my son (10) likes the intermediate track, and my daughter (6) likes the mini track. It can be rocky but I have gotten used to it. No too bad... The other thing we do is ride the ECEA FastKidz Hare Scramble Series. It get us access to the pine barrens for legal riding... https://ecea.org/ecea/ This is a vid from main track at Holiday Mountain. My son's first Hare Scramble.../
  6. Myboyblue

    yz125 clutch

    It sounds like the clutch is not completely disengaging. I would get in there and look at these things. Make sure the washer #14 is behind the inner hub. Also make sure the Axle push lever #30 is lined up correctly. Report back with findings if you get there...
  7. Myboyblue

    Made this for my son for Christmas

    Man I get that.... Teaching my kids to ride is very special to me... I look forward to each and every time there is a date on the calendar. [emoji1306][emoji1307][emoji100][emoji1306][emoji1307][emoji100]
  8. Myboyblue

    Does Yamaha make the engines used in the Grizzly 700?

    I thought I read somewhere that the 708 motors where being made by Subaru. The early 16 motors had some major early smoking issues. Valve and valve seal issues.
  9. Myboyblue

    '79 YZ80 low compression help

    I’m interested to know what the compression is with the throttle open. Also, if and when you get into the carb post some pics. It probably would benefit from a deep clean [emoji3475] [emoji3476]... Remove the jets, float and needle, and any rubber parts. Clean with carb cleaner each part. Especially the needle and seat area. If you have compressed air blow the jets too. Be careful blowing high pressure compressed air into the carb itself. Also make sure you are getting good gas flow from the fuel tank to the carb. I one time assumed the petcock was flowing fuel properly. Basically float bowl kept running out fuel and I was attributing to needle and seat float problem. Turns out fuel was only trickling into the carb from the fuel tank due to a partially f’d petcock valve.
  10. Myboyblue

    '79 YZ80 low compression help

    I’m pretty sure throttle should be held wide open when doing a compression test. It’s probably being starved for air as the piston moves upwards for the compression stroke potentially giving a false reading. Get into the carb at all?
  11. Myboyblue

    Finding/buying a PW50

    I bought one for my daughter a few years ago. It was running REALLY rich due to the oil injection pump being sticky. It was sticking open. After I removed the pump and used the plug I realized all it really needed was a good dose of WD-40 to free it up. After I put the plug in the bike really woke up. My daughter went head into a 4X4 fence post and bent frame at the neck tube. Forks were gone too. It was a 1998 model. I ended buying a 1981 frame and put it back together. Good to go now. I realize that’s a lot more than you asked but I just felt like sharing.. [emoji1743]‍[emoji3603] Here’s a link to a vid explaining the stick oil injection pump. Apparently this is something that occurs over time.
  12. Myboyblue

    Made this for my son for Christmas

    Thanks for the kind words. Yeah... We used to ride those pits too. Hamilton area was one of my favorites. Drove by the entrance years ago and found all condos built there now. It was the late 80’s and early 90’s that we spent a lot of time there. It seems the only way to ride there these days is through a club or through a event sponsored by a club. I live in Union County, NJ. I joined a MC OFF ROAD CLUB out of South Jersey which gets me access occasionally. My son did a handful of Hare Scrambles this past season and he and I both hope to more this coming season.
  13. Myboyblue

    Made this for my son for Christmas

    Wow!! You got a good [emoji872]. It’s a 2012 KLX110. This year my daughter gets a new bike for Christmas. She’s moving up from PW50. It’s probably going to be a hair big for her but she’s the type of person who needs a slow transition into new things, which is nothing like my son and I. So I’ve learned to expose her to things a little early and by the time she’s ready, things seem to be perfect.