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  1. MrSmooth

    Graham Jarvis downhill technique

    Exactly what I do. Especially when I'm on really long downhills in Colorado. I started doing this to save gas and ended up really liking it. I don't use engine braking at all on downhills.
  2. MrSmooth

    Croom - Sat 3rd

    Good to see you again DonO.
  3. Just bought a Kenda Ibex. Similarly very soft like the Goldentyre 216x. Haven't mounted it yet though.
  4. MrSmooth

    Hand Guards Basic Training

    Been riding for 45 years and have never known anyone to break their wrist due to full wrap hand guards. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I'm sure it has, but its a freak thing. It's saved my fingers many, many times. Also has reduced lever breakage to next to never. I broke the ball end of my clutch lever 2 years ago and that's it. Also the Cycra and BRP and Bonz make clamps that replace the bar claps and that's the way to go. The ones that attach to the bars themselves are always frustrating.
  5. MrSmooth

    Good tire for rocks?

    IMO nothing beats a "real" (Dunlop or Michelin) trials tire in the rocks. Second best is a 216X gummy from Goldentyre. The 216x is better all around but won't last quite as long as the trails tire but has far better downhill braking. Both are expensive and both worth it.
  6. MrSmooth

    Riding in Moab, Utah.

    5 miles of hell is located in the San Rafael swell about an hour and a half west of Moab. We started to the south in Goblin Valley. There's orange, red blue, green trails and lone man. 5 miles of hell connects red trail to lone man. Red trail is very difficult. 5MOH is rated as extreme.
  7. MrSmooth

    Riding in Moab, Utah.

    Yes I was running 10 in the gummy. Normally I ride with 8 psi. Anyway great riding with you both. Both excellent riders and had we left earlier and/or came in from the north we would have made quick work of 5 MOH.
  8. MrSmooth

    Riding in Moab, Utah.

    Checking it off my list is exactly why I'm going. We've got 4 riding it now. Let me know if you want to ride.
  9. MrSmooth

    Riding in Moab, Utah.

    We will be riding 5MOH on Friday the 13th. I'll send you my cell in a PM. My name is Scott Stone.
  10. MrSmooth

    Riding in Moab, Utah.

    About 6-7 of my friends and I will be there Nov 12-15th. Large range of skill levels. A couple of us will be riding 5MOH on Friday. We are staying somewhere in Moab. One of the group made the reservation so I don't know where. Tell me more about what you like to ride.
  11. MrSmooth

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Due to FaceBook.
  12. MrSmooth

    Croom Weekender

    Well you are in the right place at the right time. Look for truck with the orange FTR arrows or Team Wanker stickers and just walk up and introduce yourself. Most weekends there is every level of rider represented.
  13. MrSmooth

    Hatfield McCoy - May 2013 - Planning the trip....

    Oh boy, that's not good.
  14. MrSmooth

    Recall on Husaberg and KTM 2 strokes! MUST READ

    I'm more than an hour, one way from a KTM dealter, and KTM will not ship one to me so I can replace it.