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  1. cloud2901

    Live stream for A1?

    Thanks man, only ones I know of that *might* be doing it are surfrat and besweet, dont know for sure though.
  2. cloud2901

    Supercross Live stream for A1?

    Anyone have a link?
  3. cloud2901

    2013 250SXF Question about direction

    The quote that comes to mind when reading tye's threads is Stephen Colbert's description of George Bush: "This is a man who believes the same thing Wednesday as he did Monday, no matter what happened Tuesday."
  4. Sheepskin seat cover. My uncle uses one on his bike, and it really does help. Just make your own, or order one.
  5. cloud2901

    Whats the stupidest thing you have done...

    Left hospital yesterday with a broken leg, from the mountain bike, sat down once I got home, then immediately leapt up, straight onto my broken leg with all my weight. Back in hospital now. Kinda pissed.
  6. cloud2901

    What did you do to your RM today?

    Pulled the cylinder off my RM 250 expecting just to replace rings (previous owner told me he had done <10 hrs, and I had done maybe 30hrs prior to teardown) Steel bore in the cylinder (ewwww) and a nice big gouge up the exhaust port bridge, top to bottom. Piston not trashed, but getting replaced, and now having to hone my cylinder.. Can't afford a brand new plated one quite yet. Will a 94 RM250 only accept cylinders from '89 to '95 models? Or can you put a newer one on?
  7. cloud2901

    mixing coolants ?

    33% antifreeze 66% water gives best heat transfer ratio. edit: with an acceptable amount of coolant to prevent corrosion. Water gives the best heat transfer. Engine Ice and all those high boiling point coolants will not stop engine damage from occuring when your engine gets hot. All they will do is not boil away (whereas water / antifreeze will) and leave you with no coolant. Get a thermo fan if you are having trouble with overheating.
  8. cloud2901

    Kush Sprocket

    Did it help your chain life as they say it would?
  9. cloud2901

    Stuck bolt in awkward place Please give me an idea

    Same bolt is stuck on my '94 RM250. . . Went to regrease the linkage, and had to do it all on the bike still. You guys sure an air hammer will fit in that gap? It's a very small gap between the bolt end that you need to get square-on to hit, and the rear-brake lever thread. I just gave up on trying for the moment, can't get anything in there square-on to the bolt.
  10. cloud2901

    exhaust plugs

    exhaust plugs exist for you to forget about and kick your bike multiple times while screaming at the f*(king thing to start, upon which your mate will pull out the butt plug and you can start your bike.
  11. cloud2901

    Starting to Port a Two Stroke cylinder

    books.google.com/books/about/Two_Stroke_Performance_Tuning.html?id=Ij593j28IP8C Get this, then have a crack at it!
  12. cloud2901

    2007 rm250 woods friendly, suggestions?

    It's just the gearing I take issue with, not the power. First gear on a MX bike is too tall for serious single track, I'm always abusing the clutch. Enduro bikes 1st gear is far lower, for getting traction and not spinning on gnarly hills etc. 5th, I'd like to be able to rev out a bit more without having to swap sprockets around to get an acceptable top speed for transport sections. Just curious if anyone knows whether it could be done, or if there's some difference in the transmissions between the RM and RMX apart from just gear ratios.
  13. cloud2901

    2007 rm250 woods friendly, suggestions?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if you can fit the 1st and 5th gears from a RMX into a RM. . . 'Cuz I'd love to have enduro 1st gear for single track tight stuff, with a long 5th for fire trails etc, along with the MX 2, 3, 4 gears. I have a 94 RM250, does anyone know if I found a transmission from a 94 RMX would they swap around? I reckon it'd be the ultimate woods mod for a MX bike.
  14. cloud2901

    GP's untill now: what is you opinion

    The GPs from this year are on thepiratebay, user mxfanboy2
  15. cloud2901


    Get some grip donuts if you don't already have them. Lavender oil works well on blisters too each night, few applications.