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  1. Well you all had a chance, you should stop being so tight with your money and get those wallets out, lol.
  2. My bike (stock with high Km's) is still going strong, however, your highly strung bike keeps going back to the master, lol. Maybe you should sell him your forks, lol.
  3. It's only money, lol. Anyway, goes to show how much the mods are really worth, I suppose.
  4. Posted all of the 'goodies' that I recently sold on Fleabay. Still brings tears to my eyes at some of the bargains they received, lol.
  5. Never had graphics on my Clarke tank or shrouds, I prefer the 'plain' look.
  6. Had a rear flat on a Michelin Sirac, rode home, 'carefully', but it made it, and a few more Km's too.
  7. I had over 30 people watching the side panels, and already received the money through Ebay. Seems like people are willing to pay for 'visual' mods rather than the good stuff, lol.
  8. Damn, looks like you could be picking up a bargain at that price, lol.
  9. I am selling a 41mm FCR MX carb on Fleabay, and have been asked if it will fit a XR600. I was going to fit a stroker kit on my DRZ, but decided to not go along that route. Anyway, do any of you blokes know if it will fit his XR600 so that I can give him an answer? Thanks.
  10. Used to fill mine two to three times a week for my commute, then I bought my Clarke tank, and once a week is enough.
  11. The best looking 'extra' capacity tank is the Acerbis. I have the Clarke on mine, and personally think that it excellent. As for as 'ball breaking' goes, I've never had a problem, however, some people have weaker balls than others! Lol.
  12. Also have a Zeta chain guard and Driven gear lever, used but only about a month old and in very good condition. Still looking at my SM wheels and Clarke tank ( not sure if I can part with them, lol. ). Anyway, I know a lot of you blokes are watching, and if you want to bid, and are successful, I can post, or you can pick them up North Brisbane, or collect in Brisbane CBD.
  13. 23 watchers so far! That's 22 disappointed bidders, lol.
  14. If you are the winning bidder, I will personally deliver it by hand, lol.
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