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  1. Hi, I am moving from norway to miami in december. Need some info where i should buy a dirtebike. Want a husky or ktm 250 in good shape. No more then 30 hours. And where do people ride. Going to ride florida tracks and trails. But need some lokal tracks to. Thanks.
  2. had problems with wather inside my airfilter on both my fc 250, tc250 and fc350. Live in norway, so we ride mudd in the summer and snow in the winter. Some of you enduro guys must have some good fix on this problem. When it is mudd i do tape up my box and use the twinair filter skin.
  3. fiveseven

    Holey Air Box

    any that ride mudd? got som problems with water on the inside of my airfilter. any good mudd fix ?
  4. fiveseven

    Oil level glass

    Hi. Any others that have broken their oil level glass ? I have broken 4 in 3 different bikes. And its only i minor leake. But could get a big deal if it breakes completely and I run out of oil.
  5. fiveseven

    Crf250x Coolage leak.

    Yeah. That makes sense (Y) Thanks!
  6. fiveseven

    Crf250x Coolage leak.

    Hi. Got a leak under the waterpump. From that drenage thing. Any that got a fast anwer?!
  7. fiveseven

    2016 SXF pics

    Ken out testing the 2016
  8. fiveseven

    Motocross No MXdN for Roczen?

    Anyone that knows why K-roc aint racing MXdN ?!?!?
  9. is it possible fit rm 125 01-04 forks clamps on a 125 97 ?
  10. rode my 350 today. Its awesome ! it was muddy tho.
  11. just woundering since the 450 factory replika ktm got diffrent bolt in front.
  12. sounds good. Got my fc350 the other day. Sad that we got ice so hasn't tried it yet.
  13. Just heard some rumors that the husky got the same suspesion as the factory adition Ktm 450? anyone else that have heard any of this ? Heard it of a pretty reliable source.
  14. Offend anyone? cant say they could build anything better by them self.