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    trail riding, playing guitar, drawing, motocross, archery, filming, fishing, just hanging out with friends.
  1. what's up everyone, i got a little filming done yesterday and i must say my 150 sounds quite sexy so i decided to just make this a raw edit. i've been getting a lot faster lately and i'm excited to see how much i'm going to progress this year. anyways, enjoy the video and the sweet, sweet sound of a small bore 2 stroke!
  2. this past weekend was the first race of the season for me, and the JDay Offroad season opener! it was at robby marshall's track, crow hill. in the first moto i got a pretty good start, and was in 2nd for the whole race (and sometimes 1st) until a last lap crash put me in 5th. the 2nd moto wasn't as good, i got a bad start and with there being about 150 riders racing at the same time it was very hard to make passes and move through the pack, leaving me with 9th in that moto. i ended up with 7th overall, out of 42 riders in my class. it feels good to be racing again, and i can tell this season is gonna be a good one! anyway, here's the gopro footage from the 1st moto, enjoy and tell me what you think!
  3. hondaftw13

    Some Florida singletrack

    thanks! and yes definitely, the weather is perfect!
  4. hondaftw13

    best looking trail bike.

    thanks! and yes it is
  5. hondaftw13

    best looking trail bike.

    here's mine
  6. i'm on vacation down here in florida, and i'm lucky enough to have my bike down here with me (been keeping her here for the bostwick creek JDay in march!) i've been ripping up croom almost every day since i got down here, and i got some good gopro footage of some fun sandy singletrack and i wanted to share the videos with all you guys! so here's a couple videos from the last few days i've been really feeling the flow while i'm down here. anyways, watch 'em and tell me what you think!
  7. depends on where you're from!
  8. the river rush JDay location. best dirt i've ever ridden on, so tacky and so much traction. and with all the elevation changes it was the most fun 2 rounds of racing i've ever done. even though on race day (both rounds there) it was like 90 out and i almost passed out halfway through the races. hell, every single JDay location is primo, John Day really knows what he's doing when it comes to making sweet GP courses.
  9. 04 kx250f. that was an absolute bitch to start, it either started first kick or didn't start at all. and everytime it stalled it would take a solid 10 minutes of kicking for it to start again. but despite all that, the thing was an animal. so much power for a 250f
  10. 100% racecrafts or the 100% accuri's. i have the accuri's and they're the best goggles ive ever had
  11. hondaftw13

    Turing a 125 into a woods bike?

    learn good clutch control
  12. hondaftw13

    2013 Crashes - GoPro

    i recognize that track, Hemonds! there was a JDay there over the summer. pretty sweet track
  13. hondaftw13

    FMF Racing PowerCore 2 Shorty Silencer

    adds a ton of bottom end and mid range power without sacrificing any top end
  14. hondaftw13

    Riding Video From Today

    i've loved everything about it, it handles amazing and has a ton of power for basically being a 125. the only moto i've done with it was at the few J Days that were held at motocross tracks (Hemonds MX, Crow Hill, and Jolly Roger MX) and it did amazing on those tracks