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  1. baxterj787

    07 YZ450 head pipe

    Thank you Sir! Your knowledge is appreciated.
  2. baxterj787

    07 YZ450 head pipe

    If this has been asked elsewhere, sorry. I would like to know what year(s) OEM head pipes will work for a 2007 YZ450F. I have read that the 08-09 units will cause running problems, but the "problems" were not substantiated. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. baxterj787

    03 KX125 clutch basket

    Thank you.
  4. baxterj787

    03 KX125 clutch basket

    So I have a new Barnett basket on my bench. Can I remove the basket via the outermost cover (5 bolts) or will I be removing the entire RH cover / water pump assembly? I know KTMs and CRF250s can be done through the outermost cover.
  5. baxterj787

    03 KX125 performance?

    I am considering picking up a 2003 KX125 w/ FMF exhaust, otherwise stock. I have had several 125s over the years (since 1986) and have the itch to pick up another one. The bike is clean and in overall good condition, but I am a little concerned about output, as I have read that green 125s can be slow. Hard to believe anything could be slower than the last CR125 I owned (conencidentaly a 2003). Any thoughts / opinions from actual owners? I am not trying to start a flame war, and I have been around this sport for a long, long time, both as a professional mechanic and a rider.
  6. baxterj787

    1st problem with 09yz450f

    Between my 02 426 and my 00 CR500, I am up to my eyeballs from repair bills! I think I'll part one out since both need to have their air filters cleaned. Sheesh, where are these electric bike already?
  7. baxterj787

    01 Cr 125 - Tearing my Hair out - Help

    x2 on a manual. Good thing the bike is easy to work on. We all learned through working and asking, right? Most 2T 125s, when in good working order, will generate 180 +/- compression. If you snagged a ring or some other scenario, have the cylinder replated instead of having a steel sleeve pressed in. US Nicom did my YZ125 two years ago for $200 plus shipping. I sent them a new piston with my damaged cylinder. The cylinder I got back looked better than new. 2 years and 20 or so operating hours (and countless air filter cleans / oilings with good oil) and I am on the same piston / ring / cylinder and over 175 psi after about three kicks.
  8. baxterj787

    91 into 2003

    The 91 is an older generation motor, but not that far off regarding the crankcase bolt patters. How much welding / fab work are you willing to do? How fresh is the 91 motor? It would be a tremendous improvement in handling. Those old HPP motors ran very well when fresh.
  9. baxterj787

    Team Peak Pro Circuit

    Ove, Sorry, but "no go" on the Pro Circuit pipe. I have a friend that works at Honda of Fairfield. They bought all the old inventory from Honda of Troy (remember those guys?). If anyone had it, it would've been them. Sadly, they do not. Keep up the good work.
  10. baxterj787

    2010 YZ 450 troubles

    Yes, they ARE THAT SENSITIVE. Anytime unfiltered / poorly filtered air gets into the engine, you are eroding metal. Ingesting water is as damaging, if not more so. Esp if the waster is laden with sediment. It is possible the cam chain stretched when the initial stall happened in water, but the other problems (worn valve faces, worn rings, worn cylinder) would have manifested too. Glad to hear you are up and running again.
  11. baxterj787

    locked up?

    That's kind of like asking what prize is in the Cracker Jack box before it is opened. Time for the cylinder to come off. Best guess (read my first sentence) is the lower rod bearing has failed. If so, the motor comes out / apart and a new crank, main bearings, gasket kit and piston / rings are in order. When the lower rod bearing fails, it will throw a lot of needle bearing fragments through the transfer ports and damage the cylinder. Plan to have the cylinder replated too, as these cylinders are plated (not borable). Replates usually are in the $225 neighborhood (not including any parts listed in the previous paragraph).
  12. baxterj787

    1990 shock 1991 bike

    To the best of my memory, those shocks will interchange. 1990-1991 were almost the same, save for the forks. 1989 was different, 1992 was a ground-up redesign.
  13. baxterj787

    01' CR250R Compression 185 psi

    Rebuild it and be happy the previous owner kept good care of the air filter. As stated elsewhere, the OEM piston WILL crack if run to long. No advanced warning (noise, performance or loss of cranking compression) either. FWIW, a stock, healthy 250 2T with proper piston-cylinder clearance can push over 200 PSI. I take a compression reading after break-in, then use future compression readings as a baseline and will begin budgeting at around 10% loss of compression.
  14. baxterj787

    need help 05 yz 125 blew up!!! need advice! pictures

    To clarify: a "sleeved" cylinder has a cast-iron BORABLE sleeve pressed into the cyilnder. No OEM has done this method of cylinder production on a 125 or a 250 since the late 1980s. All OEMS use some form of nickel-silicon carbide coatings that allow for better heat transfer and much tighter piston - cylinder clearance compared to a cast-iron liner. Your YZ125 has a "plated" surface bonded to the ID of the cylinder. When seizures happen (or when EG does a big bore kit), the plating is stripped, the bare aluminum is repaired and machined, then the cylinder is replated. Since EG has to strip the plating off to do a big bore, now is a good time to have a big bore service to your 125. Either way, the cylinder needs to be stripped, machined and replated. Why not spend 500 or so (including piston if I am not mistaken) for the big bore vs 200 (not including piston) for a replate on standard bore? The head is usable in it's current condition. +1 on changing pipes. I have heard / seen bad things with SSTs.
  15. My 00 after a quick wash job. I saved this one from a life of general neglect a year ago. (pics hosted on flickr under the same username)