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  1. Leaving Reno

    Northern NV moonrocks

    Is this happening on Friday? I got some time off if you want to ride. I think conditions will be be good.
  2. Leaving Reno

    Plan for the best. Prepare for the worst

    Zulu - I need a tug.
  3. Leaving Reno

    What's your favorite World Famous Big Bob story?

    Feed the beast.
  4. Leaving Reno

    What's your favorite World Famous Big Bob story?

    Bob in a cave! Looking at rocks
  5. Leaving Reno

    Moonrocks Sat Nov 10

    KX450 - Peavine is good for a day. I had my pickup broken into at the staging area on keystone canyon. If you see glass in the staging area I would not park there. If you go up high you will find the trees and single track. Buddies went up there last month and had fun, but they dual sported over. Looks like you had fun bob, maybe next time. Maybe a dual sport ride sometime next year is in order.
  6. Leaving Reno

    South Tahoe area Sunday?

    I ‘m might be interested.
  7. Leaving Reno

    Spoiler alert

    Wear cave mike he make peri historic . He make smiles for many.
  8. Leaving Reno

    New Rider Near Carson City

    I’m out of Carson City and have a open schedule for the most part for the next couple of weeks. I’m plated.
  9. BigBob, you did fine. We where far, but not that far from the pavement or graded roads. Breaking down at any place has risk. Accidents happen, I have seen helicopters land at StonyFord, Hollister and Carnegie. You were given a good tour of the place and were always in good hands. I or my buddy where always there to assist. I truly apologize for taking a wrong turn out of Eldorado Canyon but, my other buddy was following a different track that was not my intention. I thought all of the stuff we did was “C rider stuff” at a pace that kept us together for the most part. I should of had a better, easier, route back to the staging area once you said you had enough. Please do not think that I or my buddies would cut and run. All mechanical things will eventually fail. If you feel that your bike is going to leave you stranded, then maybe it is time for a new dirt bike. I enjoyed meeting you, riding with you, and your posts. Dave. Viva bigbob!
  10. I was with bigbob, didn’t watch any of the videos. I could do a Thursday ride.
  11. Travisfeist, yes started by Mexican Dam. You local? I’m usually down for a ride.
  12. The creek trail Was “Eldorado Canyon “. It goes to Dayton.
  13. Bob your a champ. It did kinda turn into a long day, but you did great!
  14. Ok, two of my buddies are going to join us. See you tomorrow.
  15. I’m still good for Saturday. 0900. Might have some of my buddies from the bay with us.