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  1. howie356

    new 2008 250

    i have had mine for a week now. it is faster than last years. really crisp throttle response.sweet!
  2. howie356

    08' ride reports??!!

    I got mine this morning and headed directly to the track. I have had every year of this bike and let me tell you this one is perfection. Very crisp throttle response and more power. Suspension was perfect for me (175lbs) out of the crate. Steering dampener is really trick and tucked away.
  3. howie356

    broken clutch plate

    has anyone broken a clutch plate on an 07 yet? I got the bike on aug 6, ride twice a week. Today a shattered fiber plate. 6 pieces to be exact.
  4. howie356

    Converting my 05 to duals

    this is one of the dumbest ideas ive ever heard. use the money and go get an 06 or 07. by the time your done you may have a less powerfull 05 than you started with.
  5. howie356

    2007 crf250's

    i got mine today. it has more mid range for sure. quite possibly the funnest bike ever!
  6. howie356

    Clutch Springs

    try Moose, both of my 250 s had clutch slippage until i put these in. they are pretty inexpensive. by the way i am approx. 170 lbs so maybe if you are much heavier it may not work.
  7. howie356

    2007 crf250's

    also picking up mine tomorrow!
  8. howie356

    Boyesen Quick Shot

    The quickshot made a huge difference in my 06. Compared to the two strokes of old this bike is so easy to go fast on.
  9. howie356

    the new carb on the 06

    i noticed a slight stumble also. does boyesen make a quickshot yet? other than that this bike pulls longer than my 05 and feels lighter.
  10. howie356

    did gold x-ring

    in order to run this chain you need a sprocket spacer made by Fastway or you will chew into the case eventually!
  11. howie356

    Help! Can't decide 250F or 450F.

    you will not miss the power, it will only make you a much better rider. won't it be cool to toast your buddies on a baby thumper! trust me, you will in time.
  12. howie356

    Help! Can't decide 250F or 450F.

    the 250 is the funnest bike i have ever ridden/raced. you can ride it a lot longer. i also sold my 450 after 10 laps around our supercross style track. 2 days later i had the 250.
  13. howie356

    looks like i'm gonna have to get a yzf250

    you would be smarter to buy a crf250 this year as it is one of the most popular bikes and i don't think it will let you down. besides if you buy a new yamie it will be obsolete as soon as the aluminum frames come out, you'll never be able to sell it. my opinion.
  14. howie356

    Why should I NOT buy a CRF250R?

    get on the bike and hammer it. this is a honda. stop whining, anyone who lends out their new bike should be committed. stop wasting our time.
  15. howie356

    jetting with a chm pipe

    mine is an 05. how come the chm website says nothing about any pipe except the ovate system?