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  1. Pilot powers work great for me. 150 on the rear.
  2. I too would like to hear what others do to make the change for S to SM wheels as quick as possible. One thing I did to make it quick was to have both wheelsets use the same size brakes. I also have two chains. Longer one for S.
  3. Reference # 11 SM BRACKET 59350-29F00 S BRACKET 59350-13E00
  4. bugs I get them even with a full face helmet. Critters walking around on my face. If HD pirate passed though some of the herds of midges we had some days in the spring, I wonder if he wished he had something in front of his face. although I don't think those guys are out much at that time of year, might be cloudy.
  5. If you had a DRZ SM with sticky street tires on wire spokes and an extra $550 and CV carb and you rode 7500 kms a year on asphalt Would you rather have FCR or cush hub?
  6. Are all the benefits provided by a cush hub worth $550 on a DRZ with 17" road tires?
  7. For the people who said they have a cush hub. What kind do you have and where did you get it?
  8. excite bike Do you think the low fender has helped with speed wobble? Please send a close up photo how that fender is mounted
  9. Thinking of painting my rims. Some cool half and half wheels from the people on SMJ.com Does anyone have pics showing white rims?
  10. thanks for the reply I was assuming that all the DRZ use the same slave. Bike has not changed much over the years I am still not sure which slave to purchase. Could someone verify any of the part numbers?
  11. Could some please verify what slave cylinder is used on the 2007 DRZ400S TT store and magura catalog seem to have a discrepancy Magura says 0120655 TT store does not list DRZ under 0120655 TT store does list 2000-2004 DRZ under 0120652<h1 class="h1_title"></h1>
  12. yep. The described method of back bleeding sounds nice. I don't have a bleed screw. All I got is the banjo and Ideas?
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