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  1. zlathim

    Another Cool Vintage Build: 1979 YZ250

    I hear that my friend. You and me both!!
  2. zlathim

    Another Cool Vintage Build: 1979 YZ250

    I'm sure that if you've got the cash he would be happy to make some parts for you. If you are really interested, let me know and I'll forward you his contact information.
  3. zlathim

    Another Cool Vintage Build: 1979 YZ250

    That's one fine looking motorcycle, and the Suzuki he built a few years ago is on display as well: Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. Next build I will try to be a little more on top of things!!
  4. zlathim

    Another Cool Vintage Build: 1979 YZ250

    Well guys, I realize that I have really dropped the ball on keeping this build updated. My bad. However, I heard that Mark has finished the bike and had it and the Suzuki at a bike show in a park near my house, so of course I had to go grab some pics for you guys. Here is the completed bike: It is truly a work of art! I hope these pictures do it justice because it is absolutely beautiful. It's even better than the Suzuki! Here's the pipe Mark built: The tank is an absolute work of art. Completely fabricated by Mark out of sheet aluminum, then painted by a friend of his. That's not a sticker, the "Yamaha" is painted onto the tank: Custom fabricated silencer: Dual leading drum brake on the front with custom levers:
  5. zlathim

    Grey wire help! Please

    Cool idea!!
  6. Just had to quote that. Funny stuff dude!! Oh yea, just for the record. My junk doesn't have e-start, but if it did, I would still want a kickstarter for a backup.
  7. zlathim

    My Back Yard Track, Sandy

    Cool track. That looks like a lot of fun!
  8. zlathim

    Grey wire help! Please

    I appreciate the feedback. I've been debating whether to disconnect the grey wire on my bike, but it runs great as it is so I haven't bothered to mess with it. Now I might never pull it.
  9. zlathim

    #$%*! What did I fry?

    Oh, the dreaded "off switch" malfunction. That's a pretty tough fix, better take it to the dealer!
  10. zlathim

    New guy intro (with bike pics)

    Welcome to TT. Nice looking bike too.
  11. zlathim

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    Finally get to reply to this thread after buying my son a 1999 YZ80!
  12. zlathim

    Would you buy another?

    Yea, five Yamahas later, I think you might call me brand loyal.
  13. zlathim

    Another Cool Vintage Build: 1979 YZ250

    I stopped by to see Mark again the other day. He has completed the engine resoration, and I think it looks pretty good: Here is a cool little intake manifold that he machined from scratch; A cool little tray he made for the CDI: And finally with the carburetor installed: More to come later....
  14. zlathim

    Another Cool Vintage Build: 1979 YZ250

    Sorry it took me so long to answer this question for you. I spoke to Mark a few days ago and he said that he used another shaft (from a donor chassis) that he was able to sharpen up the splined end. He used an arbor press to push it through the hole, then finished machining the lever and made the cut for the pinch gap. On edit- this is exactly how you said you would like to try it in a post you made after the one I quoted. Nice call!
  15. zlathim

    My 79' YZ 80 has come home...

    Cool thread, I'll be following along.