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  1. TexN343

    Mega Bomb Header/ Q4 Combo Good?

    The mega bomb is more of the original power bomb.
  2. TexN343

    tips on keeping those white plastics white?

    kerosene....I use it to clean my air filters too.
  3. TexN343

    CamelBak Position

    I wear mine under because when it's hot out it feels good to have a nice cold bag against your back.
  4. This is a jetting issue.
  5. The rekluse in no way is causing the stalling talked about here. You can stall out any four stroke by going from idle to full throttle to fast. Go find a nice muddy pit and slowly go into it and then try and shoot some roost. If you turn the throttle fast enough it WILL stall. Nothing to do with the clutch.
  6. you could repair it yourself with freezing water in the pipe. Do this a couple times and the dents will be all out.
  7. TexN343

    Air Filter Survey..

    I don't use white lithium grease because I once had an aftermarket filter rott away within 3months of use. I think its hard on the foam .
  8. TexN343


    Bars are cheaper to replace than triple clamps.
  9. TexN343

    Ty Davis

    I seen him race against Charlie Bogard not too long ago.
  10. TexN343

    Best way to clean your air filter

    kersene cleans great and is gentle on the fabric. I can find many things that clean great but eat up the filter.
  11. There's a saying if you don't do it in practice you can't do it in a race. I usually push myself during practice just taking it slow on sections I know I got down. I once tried a jump I hadn't done in practice and wound up with a new knee!
  12. You can paint 2-stroke pipes for sure with hi-heat paint. Black turned out good.
  13. TexN343

    regrets, i've had a few

    2 strokes still dominate the cross country world. It's alot easier to toss the lighter bike around for a extended period of time.
  14. TexN343

    04 yz450 white plastics?

    I'll get one today.
  15. TexN343

    Reeds Bike at Budd's

    I wonder why they rewelded the subframe? It looks like they changed the geometry of the design.