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  1. Awesome, unfortunately can't make it out this weekend but I'll definitely try to get to a few this season!
  2. @Bobatsea I'm probably going to grab a sticker soon then. Is that a NETRA enduro? Was thinking about trying those out this summer. I ran some hare scrambles a few years ago but the enduros sound pretty cool
  3. @Bobatsea Thats what I figured, thank you!
  4. To ride in Freetown, do you need a Mass Off Road sticker or if the bike's street legal is that good enough (to ride legally)?
  5. @yamaha86421 Great, thank you. I just want to get it so I'll be able to jump short sections on roads between trails so it seems like this will be the route to go. I appreciate it!
  6. I'm looking to get a KTM (2 stroke 250 or 300). Has anyone plated one in New England? Just trying to figure out if its possible/how to accomplish it. I'm from RI so it'd be ideal to plate it there but I had a KDX 200 that I street legalized in Vermont before.
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking to do a top end on my 2002 KDX 200 this winter. Does anyone have recommendations on the best kit to go with? Currently just looking at getting a wiseco one. Thanks in advance!
  8. I'm from RI and it's terrible. Everyone thinks people with dirt bikes are criminals. I have a some trails near my house that I ride but nothing too long or challenging. Enough to have a good time though. Luckily I plated my bike so it's a little easier to ride but I still end up riding more roads to get to trails than actual trail riding. If anyone ever wants to get together and ride sometime, I would definitely be down to go!
  9. So I have a 2002 KDX 200 and I love her. But I live in RI so I need a street legal bike. I want to legalize the KDX maybe in Vermont but I'm not sure if I can. 1. Is it possible to make the KDX street legal? 2. How easy would it be to buy a KTM 200exc and make it street legal (in any state that it would be allowed)?
  10. If you want a 4 stroke still, go with an off road one like the WR 250, CRF 250X, etc. If you don't care, i'd say definatly go with a KDX 200 or a KTM 200 exc or xc/xcw. I have a 2002 KDX 200 that i bought a year ago for only $1400. She still runs like new and all you have to do is keep fresh oil in her and the basic maintnence and they will run forever. You could find a good one for cheap and they need minimal maintnence.
  11. What extra gear/clothes do you wear to trail ride in cold temperatures (northeast winters). Last year, I had on 2 pairs of gloves, sweatshirt, and boots and pants and i'd always come home and couldn't feel my fingers or body. Any advice on what else to wear?
  12. Go for the 200. It's lighter and more fun to ride than the WR. And don't worry about pre mix too much. Just think of the money you'll save if anything happens to the 200 compared to the WR.
  13. I'm on a tight budget so I just use my backpack from school the previous year what ever brand it might be. hahaa
  14. A crf 230 wouldn't be bad. A KDX 200 would be a perfect bike. Faster than the CRF 230 and lighter too. I moved from my XR 100 to my KDX last year and i love it.
  15. I have a hare scramble tomorrow and i need to put on temporary numbers. I know i should have gotten them ahead of time but i didnt. Very busy with school. What are some easy ways to make numbers out of household materials? I was thinking duct tape. Any other ideas?
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