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  1. Mikel.Laundry

    2 stroke rev limiters

    ^^^^ thats why
  2. Mikel.Laundry

    2 stroke rev limiters

    jesus &%$#@!ing Christ. i thought i met all the stupid people i could today.
  3. you can tune a bike without one so why bother?
  4. Mikel.Laundry

    What premix do you guys use?

    run it for Christ sakes. if anything you have to drain the tank if it is that bad
  5. Mikel.Laundry

    Good movies that feature dirtbike riding?

    i fell asleep watching that..... its so damn slow!
  6. Mikel.Laundry

    What caused my Cylinder Damage? KX65

    its located 2 miles north of &%$#@! off and have a nice day.
  7. Mikel.Laundry

    Helicoil for drain plugs-thoughts? Expirences?

    unless you weld a moving component , no. just get a time sert and be done with it
  8. Mikel.Laundry

    What caused my Cylinder Damage? KX65

    i have been in lots. all that i am saying is that you MAY not have noticed any play . one of the rollers could have cracked and went into the top end. im not saying you dont check the bottom end when you have the top apart, your stupid if you don't.
  9. Mikel.Laundry

    2000 KX 250 build (gonna be grand)

    i remember last winter when the same thing happened to my 1995 kx 250..... then spring came along and mud and dirt got all over it! have fun with that bike! looks sweet !
  10. Mikel.Laundry

    What caused my Cylinder Damage? KX65

    you probably wouldnt have noticed play in the bottom end while doing a top end anyways. one of the rollers could have cracked after a long period of time.
  11. i found that with my fox goggles i got a while ago they are thiner in every aspect but keep the dust out better.... it just makes you actualy turn and look alot more
  12. Mikel.Laundry

    Oil Injection on Two Strokes Redux

    on the other hand, how many people do you know of who have mixed fuel improperly and toast the engine? you cant fix stupid.. so atleast try to help with oil injection
  13. Mikel.Laundry

    Xr vs Xl carbs

    if you have to run with the air screw out more it wants more fuel or is calling for bigger jets if im not mistaken , not air
  14. Mikel.Laundry

    How hot really is hot?

    im not paying out the ass for engine ice when i dont need it , i have actually never boiled over either
  15. Mikel.Laundry

    How hot really is hot?

    see, i dont want to reach that . its kinda what i am trying to avoid.... i think it has got to 220 as the maximum actually. when it gets around 210 i try to get moving a little quicker. rads have never been full of mud either!