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  1. Clayman

    CRF230F Cushion pusher

    Those look fun..
  2. Clayman

    XR 600 sprocket crossover?

    And I found 8 in 6 seconds. lol..
  3. Clayman

    XR 600 sprocket crossover?

    I hadn’t checked eBay, thanks!
  4. Clayman

    XR 600 sprocket crossover?

    I’ve always liked the 46 tooth on the rear which between the 13 & 14 countershaft sprocket worked best for me. I can find 40 to 45 but no 46. Maybe they don’t make one anymore?
  5. I have an 2000 XR 600 and I’m looking for a new sprocket kit and the choices are few. Is there another model that uses the same sprockets? Thanks for any help!
  6. Clayman

    2000 XR 600 air filter question..

    That’s what I thought. I was looking at a new filter and cage on eBay and it said it only fit up to 97, not 2000. Thanks for the info, its appreciated!
  7. Aren’t the 1997 & 2000 air filter and cage the same part? The 2000 I just bought needs a new filter (has k&n now..) and want to go back to a foam filter& cage. I found one on eBay but the ad says only fits to 97. I thought they were the same? Help before it’s sold out please! Thanks!
  8. Clayman

    2000 XR 600 manual online?

    Thanks S.O.A.N.Z,,it’s appreciated! I’d still like to find one of the original owners manuals though, but this helps a lot.
  9. I have a shop manual on backorder but wanted to work on my bike installing some new parts this weekend. Is there even the basic XR manual with torque specs, basics, online to use? I can’t find my original XR manual and this one didn’t come with one. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Clayman

    XR600r replacement plastics..

    I was hoping to find OEM but I spoke to a Honda shop today and was told they’re no longer available, so aftermarket it is. I’m trying to find a skid plate as well but at least there a few options with those.
  11. Hey Guys, member since 2001 but life got in the way and stopped riding for years but just picked up a 2000 600 last night so back at it! I searched all over and here and couldn’t find anywhere to buy new plastic for it. Is it that hard to find? Can someone tell me where they get there’s, specifically the headlight plastic? I used to deal with XR’sOnly but they have such terrible reviews they’re out of the question now sadly. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  12. Clayman

    Stolen 2008 KTM 250 XC-W from Vancouver,WA

    I'm sure you've already thought of it but I scanned the ads on Craigslist and nothing there, but it might be worthwhile to keep checking them over the next few weeks. Some of these guys are not the brightest so it doesn't hurt to check around with the shops, etc. to... I hope you find your bike and catch the jerks who stole it. I'll keep my eyes and ears open, and ask around. Maybe put a post up on the OMRA board here in Oregon? Cant hurt... http://www.omraoffroad.com/forum/index.php Good luck...
  13. Clayman

    R.i.p. Mx145

    Godspeed Young Man.... prayers for his wife and children.
  14. Clayman

    If U could live any where in AZ and ride...Where?

    Good topic... I look forward to hearing the responses. I lived in Arizona, mostly in Prescott for 25 years. I would have to say Prescott is a riding mecca for me at least. I live in Portland now, but will be moving back to AZ next spring.