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  1. bigdaddykane93

    2006 RM 250 Build Thread...

    how many links is the did ert chain?
  2. bigdaddykane93

    RM250 won't start

    who rewound the stator for you? and i bet you did not set the float height correctly. when you set it at 16mm did you also compress the spring? or not? your not suppose to compress the spring....that would cause major bogging
  3. bigdaddykane93

    96 Rm 250 Leaking Kick Starter W new Seal?..

    thanks. i suppose thats the only way to find out whats going on. i wonder if the hole is worn , maybe a shop can bore it and install a bushing in there for a permanate fix... if they knew that the side cover is softer than the shaft, they should have put a bushing or bearing in there at the factory. just curious, is yours hard to kick over because of high compression?
  4. bigdaddykane93


    where does that little hole lead to underneath in the flywheel picture?
  5. bigdaddykane93

    96 Rm 250 Leaking Kick Starter W new Seal?..

    so you mean the kick starter shaft goes through the side case cover with out a bearing or bushing? and when the kick starter wears out the bore, which is the entire side cover, you have to replace the entire side cover clutch case casting? if so that is so stupid. why didnt they put a bearing there or at least a press in bushing that can be replaced. also is it possible that the kick starter shaft itself could wear before the the case cover bore does? thus saving the expensive side cover and replacing the kick starter shaft only?
  6. bigdaddykane93

    96 Rm 250 Leaking Kick Starter W new Seal?..

    anyone else have oil leaking at that seal? or kick starter shaft play up and down?
  7. bigdaddykane93

    96 RM 250 wont start.

    hi, do you still have this stator?
  8. bigdaddykane93

    1997 rm250 NO SPARK!

    hi, what do you mean by "its the stator there renowned for it" mean? so far stator tests good ohm resistance
  9. bigdaddykane93

    1997 rm250 NO SPARK!

    i re-tested the CDI like the maunul says again and i do not get anything on any of the wires that the manual says should have a reading. like 135 or 200 or 30, etc.. however on the wires that the manual says should read 0 the meter does show 0 so there is continuity on those wires...which is weird...just curious, could there be rust on the p/u coil or stator that could be a problem?
  10. bigdaddykane93

    CDI testing gone bad...Spark plug to blame?

    you should try 168 main and a 45 pilot....
  11. bigdaddykane93

    1997 rm250 NO SPARK!

    yeah I see the abrupt turn of wires going into the cdi box. however there wrapped in a black tube covering which I take ill have to remove? also I did a resistance test at the end if the cdi box harness wire connectors like the repair manual says and im not getting any resistance measurement or continuity either. why is that? could all of the wires be broken? the stator and p/u coil test within specs. and the coil shows continuity on the primary side with no measurement and the secondary side is within spec....maybe the coil primary side is bad?
  12. bigdaddykane93

    1997 rm250 NO SPARK!

    you mean where it plugs into the cdi box itself? like the actual plug? and is that broken pin a common problem?
  13. bigdaddykane93

    coil testing no spark

    is 1.1 bad ?
  14. bigdaddykane93

    Why Suzuki used the $30 spark plug in the older RM's!

    some good info here...
  15. bigdaddykane93

    1997 rm250 NO SPARK!

    have you also replaced the coil too? or tested it? if so what is the resistance on the primary side? and resistance on the secondary side? thanks