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  1. CSMaillet

    Jump to Flat...Sick

    Most people in Newfoundland talk with much more of an accent than he writes with. It's often hard to understand until you get used to it. Nice pictures - let us know when the video comes out.
  2. CSMaillet

    East Coast hcam enduro video

    Great Video ! I've ridden Michaux and it is much harder than it appears in the video. Step hills and lots and lots of rocks. Good job.
  3. CSMaillet

    Anyone Ridden Their DRZ in the OBX ???

    Hey a109drvr - Thanks for your info about riding in the obx. I'll be getting there this Saturday the 17th. I Sent you a PM.
  4. CSMaillet

    Maryland dirtbike attemped theft.

    Glad you were home when the alarm went off. What part of Maryland are you from?
  5. CSMaillet

    Anyone Ridden Their DRZ in the OBX ???

    I have a Tera Flex so I should be O.K. - I'll just let some of the air out. I know for sure you can take 4-wheel drive vehicles on the beach in that area because there are no roads to get you to the houses along the beach. I don't plan on ripping around in the dunes, I just want to be able to dual sport down the beach where the 4x4's can go - and explore the area. I guess I'll find out if it's legal to ride a licensed motorcycle on the beach where the signs say 4-wheel drive only.
  6. I'm renting a house on the beach north of Corola Light in the Outter Banks next week and thought about taking my DRZ. I'm not sure if it's allowed on the beach (4 wheel drive only) or not but I think because it is street legal I should be O.K. Anyone else ridden there? How hard is it to ride in the sand? Thanks
  7. CSMaillet

    who lives in Maryland?¿?

    Hey Stinson, This area is great for a dual sport. Twisty back roads everywhere and very few cars. There is also a ton of forest service roads. I don't know of much single track right around here because if it's private land I don't go on it. Have you taken your KTM to Greenridge, it's much better on a DS because you can explore the whole forest and not just the ORV loop.
  8. CSMaillet

    I broke my leg on my DRZ...

    Congradulations Chris ... I'm glad your story had a happy ending. We'll have to go riding sometime - and don't worry - I live for the dirt !!!
  9. CSMaillet

    who lives in Maryland?¿?

    I live in Hancock on the western edge of Washibgton County. I'm supprised to see so many of you from Carroll County - I used to live between New Market & Frederick and your right there aren't many places around there to ride anymore.
  10. CSMaillet

    Ashburn/Dulles VA & Tera Flex 2 Ride report

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Looks like you guys had a good time, I didn't tknow there were any places in Ashburn left to ride.
  11. CSMaillet

    breezewood mx

    I went out yesterday (Wed) and had a great time, didn't see anyone from TT. They had bought some machinery to till up the track but it broke so they only had sections of it groomed. I like the way Dan the owner at Breezewood is always improving it. He had already changed some of the corners and jumps since I was there on Saturday - making it even better.
  12. CSMaillet

    dual sport riders in s.central PA

    Thanks for the advice - I'm really looking forward to this ride. The instruction packet they sent out said to bring a "bee sting kit" so I guess it hasn't changed much since you rode there. I'll report back and let eveyone know how it went.
  13. CSMaillet

    dual sport riders in s.central PA

    I'd like to check it out sometime. I'm riding in the Michaux Dual Sport this weekend but when I get some free time in a few weeks I'll pm you about riding there.
  14. CSMaillet

    breezewood mx

    Breezewood is a great place to ride. I'm probably going Wednesday afternoon - YZ450F #522
  15. CSMaillet

    dual sport riders in s.central PA

    Hey milk - are you still riding at that new place you found near your house?