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    Should I buy a R Head?

    Porting the X head can get you the same power increase if not more. Finding a guy that can do it is the tough part. I would not trust a used head or cam anyway. The flange that the cam sprocket bolts to can actually spin on the cam if there was engine failure.

    Tank to head clearance, throttle cable?

    I have sort of the same issue. I have an IMS tank and the only way to route the cables is around the tank however that makes the cables bind pretty bad. And when turning full right the throttle sticks. I can't see any other way around it...

    Back on the saddle

    No his name is Mike. His brother is selling the twin of this bike if anyone is interested. I just put the fastway pegs on it and just got done jetting it. Next is a sub mount kit for the stabilizer,GPS mount, and enduro engineering tall seat.

    Back on the saddle

    After 2 years of not having my own bike to ride I finally got one. I wanted a KTM but they were out of my price range. A coworker decided to sell his 450x so I jumped on the opportunity. Here are some pics...

    Jetting Database

    Year:2005 Elevation:0-5000ft Temperature Range:40-90*F Smog (AIS): Deleted Airbox Modified Top: yes Airbox Modified Sides:yes Backfire Screen:Removed Air Filter: Moose Racing Pilot Jet:48 Main Jet:165 Needle:NCVS Needle Clip Position:3rd clip Fuel Screw Type:Zip Ty Fuel Screw Setting:2-2 1/4 AP Modified: Merge Racing AP Spring Shortened AP Diaphram Rivet (0.1") Leak Jet:50 AP Cover:Stock Exhaust Type:Stock Exhaust Modified:Cut first baffle and drilled 5/16 hole Pink Wire Modified:Yes Runs like a raped ape

    Carb Leak - At The Fuel Intake

    o ring that seals the copper elbow might be bad, there is a retaining screw that holds in the elbow. Remove it and inspect the o ring.

    Best desert seat 450x


    older xr80/100 pics!

    yep i am usin an xr 80 frame just updated all the plastics its a 98 frAME... o and 9teen the shock does not directly bolt up needed a little bit of fabrication...

    xr80 suspension

    did every thing you want to do.... http://s240.photobucket.com/albums/ff81/bozz89/

    older xr80/100 pics!

    here it is.... http://s240.photobucket.com/albums/ff81/bozz89/

    Quicksand Rails - SICK

    I think most of the Sandcars made in that video were made by Buckshot Racing. Definitely high quality and high dollar cars. Andrew Buck is a cool guy and those cars are a blast!! http://www.buckshotracing.com/

    my xr80 project complete!!!!! well almost....

    nope, still cant figure it out. i think hes just gonna get the powroll 95cc bore kit and a bigger carb and go from there...

    my xr80 project complete!!!!! well almost....

    we got it started... and it ran like total crap, literally wouldnt go at all. the only time it ran good is when you could get it to wind up and hold the throttle wide open. rode it for a few minutes and got so hot it melted the side panel. mind you, it only ran for about 5 minutes. when it dies its a bitch to start up again. took the plug out and it was completely black, one of the blackest plugs of ever seen. made sure it still had spark and only sparks every few kicks. not sure what is wrong with the bike seeing as it ran great a few days before... anybody got any advice?
  14. you can use a punch, just make sure you hit them out straight. if they wedge in the hub, consider the bearing done. try to use a brass punch, because its a little softer and wont score the bearings too bad. your life would be a lot easier if you had a bearing press though...

    are the 04 and 05 kx250fs bad bikes?

    great bikes, kinda lean towards the 05 though as the 04 model had some problems, motor wise.