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  1. I think he's been in 2nd for almost the entire time hasn't he?
  2. Chopper731

    lowering crf250r

    You're too big for a 150r. You can get aftermarket lowering links for the rear shock to make the rear sit a little lower. You shouldn't be far from being able to tippy toe with both feet which is all you need. I'm somewhere around 5'7 as well.
  3. Chopper731

    Quieting down my 4 stroke

    Odds are your biggest problem is that you've blown out the packing so you just need to repack the silencer. A lot of headers now have resonators in them to help with the noise as well so you could look into that too. Also, some aftermarket exhausts have "quiet inserts" that you can put in the silencer to help shave a couple decibels.
  4. Chopper731

    moving up? bike problems

    +1 on recommending a 250 2-stroke. You should be able to get a 10-15 year old 250 in good shape for around $2k.
  5. A 450 has a lot of power as I'm sure you know and that means the bike can get away from you pretty quick on a track, especially if you are inexperienced. I think the 250f or 250 smoker would be the better choice while you're still new to it but as long as you ride within your ability the 450 isn't going to magically kill you either.
  6. Chopper731

    Dirt bike boots help

    Riding in motocross boots takes getting use to at first. You will learn how to shift and brake while wearing the boots after a while. Boots are also very stiff when they are new and need to be broken in. A good thing to do when you get new boots it try to wear them around the house as much as you can to help speed up the break-in process. As far as the sizing, it sounds like the 12s were obviously too small. You've got a big foot so you might look into an extended length shift lever and brake pedal.
  7. Chopper731

    Fuel injected bikes can't adjust altitude?

  8. Chopper731

    Amateur Motocross?

    There's also the lone star series at Swan in Tyler TX and the full moon night series at different tracks in north Texas still going on.
  9. Chopper731

    Amateur Motocross?

    Every region has their own local promotors, track owners, etc that put different series together. Check your local tracks to see what they're a part of. I know a lot of guys from Oklahoma have always come down to Texas to race. http://www.texasmxalliance.com/2014/img3.jpg
  10. Chopper731

    Fuel injected bikes can't adjust altitude?

    I've heard that some of the bike's efi only setup when you start the bike so if you were starting at the base of a mountain and climbed in altitude continuously then the fuel air mixture wouldn't change automatically like it does in a car. You'd have to stop and restart the bike to get the proper ratio again. That is probably what the person was referring to but it's still a lot better than a carb.
  11. Chopper731

    best way to load bike?

    I've always used this method when loading into my pickup. Currently have an '11 F150
  12. Chopper731

    2006 cr125 no title

    Losing a title to a dirt bike isn't rare and therefor selling/buying one without it isn't terribly uncommon but he should at least have some sort of documentation like a bill of sale from when he bought it. Unfortunately dirt bikes are popular things for scumbags to steal so there is a chance the bike could be stolen (the current owner may have bought it from the thief and not even know it). You're rolling the dice anytime you buy one secondhand without the title and I'd be a little hesitant personally unless the guy had a solid story, previous bill of sale and was willing to write a new bill of sale with a copy of his drivers license.
  13. Just remember what is important and what makes you happy riding. I started riding/racing 80s when I was 10. Started racing the 125/250 intermediate class when I was 15 and was a pretty good intermediate rider when I was 16 and 17. I always loved to ride and race but wasn't really happy unless I felt like I was one of the fastest guys outside of the pro class. I always had a goal for myself to be able to race the local pro class when I was 18. Well for a few different reasons (yes it involves a girl) I stopped riding before I turned 18 and fell short of that goal. I didn't ride for 8 year up until this summer. I'm married now with a baby son, career, mortgage, etc. etc. and I'm out there relearning the craft (the skills never fade but the conditioning does!) and loving every minute of it. Yesterday when I went riding I took my wife and son with me and felt like such a goon signing up for the B practice but I had the time of my life out there. I didn't feel like hitting the big jumps but I still had so much fun riding and coming back to my pit with my wife and son there. Having fun at the track no longer means going as fast as I can all the time, it' means spending time with my family doing what I love to do and that is a great feeling. I'm sure I'll eventually work back up to my old speed but I've got nothing to prove nor anyone to impress... Well until my little boy gets old enough to ride hah Most people in this sport never make it out of the novice class let alone into the pro class. Don't beat yourself up over and just remember how much you enjoy riding regardless of the class.
  14. Chopper731

    250f hp gains

    I don't think a modern 250F will be that big of a step down from 250 two-stroke in terms of power especially since they have EFI. Your buddie's Honda 250F is the slowest stock so as long as you don't get a Honda you'll be able to pull him stock if you've got the skill to do so. Internal motor upgrades are what you'll need to substantially increase the power but you'll sacrifice reliability. You won't gain much power from an exhaust system. You really use an exhaust to change the delivery of the power rather than to increase it. I don't like to tell people what to buy but if you're looking at a 250F to immediately upgrade for more power then why not just buy a 450?
  15. Chopper731

    what i like most when racing

    The feeling of your nerves growing and growing and growing while you sit on the line waiting for the gate to drop. The pressure keeps mounting until you almost feel sick. Then the gate falls, you release the clutch, everything you've got going on in your life vanishes, your adrenaline spikes and you become instantly focused solely on the task at hand.