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  1. robw122

    yz250x opinions?

    I don't think you can find a negative review. Super fun bike.
  2. robw122

    Finding/buying a PW50

    I looked for quite a while as well before I found one for my kid. They haven't changed these things in forever, so as long as it runs or even comes close, you can get parts for next to nothing and make it your own. PW only is a great source, nice guys. Ebay has tons of knock offs, etc. Craigslist with a wide search radius seems to be good, as well as Facebook marketplace. I think the one I bought is 2002 or 04. It really doesn't matter ,they're all the same but the graphics.
  3. robw122

    Set ups for Bibs

    This was the basis for my question, you're correct.
  4. robw122

    2019 TM enduro 144 or 250 ?

    It's more linear that the KTM 200 xcw I had, it's maybe? less linear and slightly more buzzy than the beta 250 I sold to get it. There's no big hit, just some very rapid acceleration when you want to go. The motor's really a thing of beauty in terms of power and delivery. You can see a bunch of video here: Don't judge me too hard.
  5. robw122

    2019 TM enduro 144 or 250 ?

    I have an 18 250. it's actually in the classifieds for sale... Beautiful bike. Motor is by far the nicest part of the bike, lugs like you can't believe, screams when you want it to. It's very rideable in either case. Also comes with an actual functional map switch. Brakes are fantastic, clutch is very nice as well. Suspension was miserable out of the box, they may have changed that for the 19's. Harsh, stiff, made to go fast on flowy stuff. Turns very well, light, incredible fit and finish. The aftermarket support is thin, so that's a limiting factor. The factory shock tends to scare big name tuners, honestly it's pretty much just like any other shock on the inside. If I can't sell it I'll end up reworking the suspension (again) and will go ride it some more. Mileage is solid, I've had no issues getting to gas stops or anything of the sort. If you know a decent suspension tuner you won't be disappointed, I had zero mechanical issues with the bike.
  6. robw122

    2018 TM 250 EN

    Time Left: 19 days and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    12 hours, original brakes, chain, pads, etc. Stock motor, spare air filters, levers, etc. Revalved forks, new tires, race harness, street harness with lights, etc. Bulletproof radiator guards, crush proof skidplate. New tires, street titled in New York. $7800


    , New York - US

  7. robw122

    Pw50 throttle cable replacement.

    The other is for the choke?
  8. robw122

    Set ups for Bibs

    Out of curiosity, if you were a suspension tuner and your client ran bibs exclusively on rooty, rocky, hacked out hare scramble track, how would you adjust that valving in relation to how you would do the same for tubes or tubeliss or would you make it the same? thank you.
  9. Save yourself 50 bucks and buy the Shinko 216. It's exactly the same tire, offered in exactly the same sizes for half the price. Same compound, durometer values, etc. 50 dollars vs. 109 dollars makes it kind of a no brainer. The 80 series tire is quite narrow, I like the 90, non fat tire version myself. The fatty is considerably larger.
  10. robw122

    Considering the X

    I just bought a 19 and went riding for the first time yesterday in sand, snow, rocky, rooty slop. I did nothing to the bike but handguards and a skidplate so I could get a feel for it as it came to me stock. I had no issues with the gearing but I'm used to a 5 speed XC box. I may go up a tooth in the rear, it's taller than I'd ever need except for maybe fast paved transfer roads in an enduro. I fouled a plug a couple hours in, the stock jetting is fat, even at 35 degrees. I changed that today to a 48 175 combo. The suspension is fantastic if not a bit oversprung for me, I'm 165 in street clothes. I'll get .42 springs and I also have a larger IMS tank to go on it, assuming I should be close. I never even checked the sag, just got on and rode. I'm sure it could be incredible if I took a bit to tinker with it. You couldn't go insanely fast due to the snow and ice, but the quicker I went the better it worked. I got neutral a few times going 2 to 1, but it's when I was stopped, I didn't need first anywhere on the trail. It's a lot like road bikes with the positive neutral selector that require the shaft to be turning to select first. I never missed going up 1 to 2. It's works better when I stand, the front feels light and bouncy when I sit. I'll actually measure the sag and also likely pull the tubes up 5 mm and maybe firm up the low speed side of the shock settings, it's pleasantly squishy. We did about 40 miles in rough conditions and I went home exhausted with a huge smile on my face. This is the most fun bike I've ever owned, I buy something new every year or two. The clutch is light and progressive, even when constantly feathering it, the suspension is good for XC pace (40B) and if i was going to be riding 2nd gear hack I'd just do a quick shim shuffle to lighten it up, there's a ton of info on that here on the site. It's the first bike I find myself repeatedly wandering into my garage to just look at and I smile every time I do. I doubt you'd be disappointed with the purchase.
  11. robw122

    Got a new 2019 YZ250X!

  12. robw122

    Got a new 2019 YZ250X!

    I understand that, thank you. I'm asking if I go buy some random YZ250 head on ebay or wherever can the machinist turn it into the one you have or is there some inherent difference that can't be machined out between the YZ and the YZX?
  13. robw122

    Got a new 2019 YZ250X!

    Nice. Next question(s)... can this work be done on any YZ head or just the X? (can I buy some older yz250 head and end up with this as the end product or do I need to start with the X version?) does it address some weak area of the powerband or help the bike run cleaner or both? thanks.
  14. robw122

    Got a new 2019 YZ250X!

    Does the head require special fuel?
  15. robw122

    KYB SSS to AOS question

    So I set the float to .45 (feeler drag) and the oil at 315cc. I raced today in rock and fluff, zero front grip, it feels like it just pushes wide unless I'm going very slow. In high speed fields with any roughness it's a nightmare. Honestly scary. I can mess with the geometry a little with the shock and the fork tube height, but I'd be curious if I could take some of the low speed out of the stack and add some high speed. Can anyone offer a suggestion on how to go about that based on the shims I posted earlier? thank you.