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  1. While you are waiting, you might see if you can figure out what jets fit. Keihin? I got most of my jets from Rocky Mountain ATV and some, especially rubber parts and kits from http://siriusconinc.com/ If you look around, you can find some pics and drawings of Keihin jets with dimension to ID the part number for the series of jet. I dont think I have a link, but I can find it if you have trouble. I'm thinking on the carb set you have you need to replace the pilot jet with the same size it has now, as long as you haven't changed the intake or exhaust flow. If the new to you carbs are the same size and type, you might need to jet like your old ones. RMatv ships pretty fast and cheap, so if your not in a big hurry, Id just wait and see what you get. Thats a fair price I think. I think I paid $50 or 60 for a single PD off an xr250 and those are probably a lot more common than the duallies.
  2. knudsen

    82 XL 185 Headlight ?'s

    Best bet is a 6v sealed halogen. Wagner makes one for about $25 I think. You can also run a 55 watt 12v sealed halogen from local auto parts for half that. It will run about 27.5 watts at 6v, and be fairly dim, but usually beats the oem $80 fuse-o-lamp. They can be a pita to cram into the housing and get the clips on.
  3. Be nice if a single carb from a different year bolts on, but you would probably need the airbox or go pod and rejet.
  4. http://www.siriusconinc.com/search_result.php?make=1&model=xr500∂=1&partno=&x=30&y=9&search=search Ignore the model in description and click view details. Sadly a kit is not due in until Feb for the 83.
  5. knudsen

    flywheel weight

    Maybe a PE flywheel will fit. Do a where used on your crank p/n and if a PE comes up, that might be the ticket.
  6. knudsen

    sl125 honda

    Looks great. He must have really loved it. Nice of him to release it back into the wild under your custodianship. There are plenty of joys in our obsession other than being fast.
  7. I would first get a clear plastic hose on the carb bowl drain, hold it next to the carb and see how far up the bowl the gas is actually going in operation. It should be slightly below the gasket.
  8. knudsen

    Best Enduro riders

    Laaaaaadys aaaaaaaand gentlmen, welcome,,,, to the fiiiiiiiiirst anual downtown detroit ennnnnnnnnnduro! Now we know what to do with the rathole
  9. knudsen

    rust removing tips. PLEASE HELP!

    Hope it works out well for you. Great to see a young man at it and enjoying the thrill of motorcycles and making them work.
  10. knudsen

    rust removing tips. PLEASE HELP!

    Damn, he went Bubba. Did pretty good for a 13 YO tho. I think I was still busting bolts at that age. Maybe have a look at the IT engine and do some measuring...
  11. Briar/hangman brought an old memory back. Had a nice little loop on my parents land, in their woods and two adjacent vacant wooded lots. There was a wide, smooth, long walking trail going straight down hill from their house, through the woods to their garden and a field at the end of their land. So the kid Kenny came by in nothing but a pair of jeans, no shoes, no shirt, he never rode there before. Came in with someone else, and wasn't invited or welcome. I told him he can't ride like that, he said watch me. Tears off down that trail, probably got close to 50 MPH, through a chicken wire fence and into the pig corn. Never saw such a bloody mess from dirt biking. Tough guy turned girl scout in 1/2 sec flat. I only wish I had a gallon of peroxide to throw on him and turn him into a pink ball of screaming foam. Didn't see him around for a long time.
  12. knudsen

    The big 4 making 2 strokes again.

    Uhhh, what 500+ cc bike is slow? Well, besides a Harley.
  13. knudsen

    The big 4 making 2 strokes again.

    What he said. Performance is $$$ and a reliability hit.
  14. knudsen

    The big 4 making 2 strokes again.

    So would my 30+ YO 250, but things have changed to make them competitive. Larger displacement should last longer. KTM is also not a Japanese company. Maybe they are still reliable.
  15. It will not be DI any longer once something is added. If you have 12 VDC handy, maybe add a few small cheap computer fans. Ha, when I first started working at my current employer, I drank DI. Made my tongue feel hairy. It was unlabeled in the break room, and it used to be a lab sink. I thought it was the drinking water spigot