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  1. Can I say told you so now.
  2. hawaii

    chain guide

    I believe the new version is longer so when you hit a rock the guide won't flex past the sprocket like the original one would do.
  3. hawaii

    chain guide

    Make sure you get the new version. The origanal will flex to the point where you will throw the chain. I broke two cases because of that chain guide. Hawaii
  4. hawaii

    R Suspension Tuner For Woods

    I need some advice on which shop to use for re-valving a R model to work in tight rocky woods riding. Preferably a west coast shop. Thanks, Hawaii.
  5. hawaii

    Best Option?

    Thanks for the info. Hawaii.
  6. hawaii

    Best Option?

    Where would be the best place to pick up the head and valves. Hawaii.
  7. hawaii

    Best Option?

    Was wondering what would be my best route for my wifes 04 CRF250R. It needs new valves so I was wondering if I should buy new valves and have the seats cut or buy the 06 head and new valves? If I buy a new head does it come ready to go minus the valves? Hawaii.
  8. I guess will have to wait to see if what the little birdie saw and heard was true.
  9. You might be suprised.
  10. hawaii

    Excessive blow bye

    I dropped the bike off this morning and will report back what they find. I never had time to check the tranny oil level but that sounds like it could be the problem. The crank seals were changed from what I was told when the cases were split. Thanks for all the help, Hawaii.
  11. hawaii

    Excessive blow bye

    I guessed I jumped the gun and forgot about the auto decompression. I just hooked up my air compressor and put about 120psi into the cylinder and couldn't hear any air leaking out and it seemed to hold the pressure. Now I'm back to square one.
  12. hawaii

    Excessive blow bye

    Just got done checking the compression and its shot. Only reads about 60psi. What are people doing when changing piston and rings with the steel liner. I'm thinking maybe I should go back to stock since I only got about 10-15 hours out of it.Hawaii
  13. hawaii

    Excessive blow bye

    I lost almost half my oil and yes I had the right amount to start with. Somebody told me about a one way check valve for the oil but they weren't real sure. Does anybody know about this and if it could be put in back wards. Something is causing alot of oil to be forced out of the breather on the valve cover. Yes it is the Crower motor but this problem was naught caused by them. The motor was recently taken apart due to another broken case. Hawaii.
  14. hawaii

    Excessive blow bye

    It is definitely motor oil. There was a little bit of wear on the front and back of the cylinder when I had it apart so I lightly honed and put it back together. It never did this before taking it apart. If the rings where off could it have this much blow buy back into the cases. If the Piston and Rings were bad wouldn't it be smoking from oil coming into the combustion chamber. Last night when I looked at the plug it looked pretty good.I expected it to look black but was a nice dark tan. Is there any thing else that could cause this besides Piston and Rings? One other thing is I have the 270 kit which has the steel liner. Hawaii.