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  1. RobbieRad

    helmet cam views

    Good job, I would add backward cam on top of cam if you can have a rider stay up with you on all the jumps.
  2. RobbieRad

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    My wife thread worthy post. Taking a break in a stream above Berthoud pass last spring riding. The flowers where awesome. So I had to add my flower in the mix and take a picture. Hope you enjoy.
  3. RobbieRad

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Check your PM box Scott.
  4. This is a cool video of some pro freeriding, if you watch til the end, you will see a two stroke come up short on landing. They progressively get big balls towards end. So now I'm singing , snow snow go away. Let Colorado it be another draught. Just kidding. http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/slideshow/videos/0,20829,1002353_1151072,00.html
  5. RobbieRad

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Awesome, thanks for the setting info. Your right, POOF!
  6. RobbieRad

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Wow here some more of Ivana the pin up in TransMX like 3 times. Shes a hottie. This is why I love yugo and russian girls. They are beautiful. Here link to see rest transworld pin ups. But here are the juicy ones. Shes hottie. http://www.ivanab.com/swimwear.htm http://www.ivanab.com/lingerie.htm
  7. RobbieRad

    RC's Factory Mini

    Check out this mini they put together for RC. That awesome, like a miniture of the real thing. I didn't know BBR made aluminum frames even.
  8. RobbieRad

    Breaking in 06YZ450F

    Cool. Now you just need some retro gear and your set.
  9. This is pretty funny. Its so gay its funny. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2949508997989707181
  10. RobbieRad

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Awesome! Yep shes a keeper. Nice post! Shes cool, I've been trading photos now in PM if you want to share some more. I'll send you some of my wife. I'm going to start trading picts with all the hardcores in PM instead. Sucks the audience here got out of hand. Was fun while it lasted. The comments about shady made me laugh though. LOL.
  11. RobbieRad

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    LOL, Shady are 13 years old? NExt thing you will tell me you party with these twins too. Buy the way, rubbing alchol and cute tips will clean your keyboard out.
  12. RobbieRad

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    LOL, that girl is everywhere on the internet. LOL. I wonder if she even know how popular she really is. They need her to do the superbowl commercial for UPS. I'm sure UPS business will fly through the roof. Here are the rest. Edited my favorite.
  13. still seeding here since the torrent was posted, well worth the watch.
  14. RobbieRad

    Anaheim 2 Torrent Please....No spoilers!!

    Awesome thanks. I will seed this one for a couple days.
  15. RobbieRad

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Your a lucky man. She is awesome. Thank her for the effort in getting all dress up. She is freakin hot. Might encourage my woamn to get in some outfits instead of the shower shots and getting dressed in the morning shots. WE WANT MORE!!!