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  1. I'm 33 and for the first time in my life my dad and I both have motorcycles at the same time. He got me into bikes when I was little cuz he had a several, but he sold them about the time I was getting old enough to ride them cuz my older brother wrecked one and hurt himself on it... Anyway... He lives out in Indianapolis and I'm in Denver... we're going to meet up and ride out to sturgis this year... I've never been... anyone else going?
  2. Thumper33

    Looking for group to ride with this year

    I won't have internet from about now until Sunday afternoon, but I was hoping to ride with some peeps if anyone is going out. I'm wide open on saturday, and open Sunday after about noon. Probably dumb to put my phone number up here, but I have little other choice... I will take it down on Sunday. Call me at 720-979-7337 if you have room in a ride group this weekend. Thanks! Mike
  3. Thumper33

    Looking for group to ride with this year

    Thanks guys... just looking to meet some new people and ride a bunch this year. Last year I didn't ride as much as I'd wanted. This year... I keep saying will be different. I'll keep checking the forums. Feel free to PM me if any particular rides pop up. I'm hoping to make it out to Utah once or twice this year too! Thanks! Mike
  4. I'm trying to find a regular riding group this year. I live about 30 mins from Rampart so I wouldn't mind riding that regularly, but want to head up and ride a bunch anywhere so I thought I'd see if I can get on a few people's ride invite lists. About me... I'm a 33 year old and ride an 04 CRF450 that's set up for trails. As far as skill level, I've been riding a long time, but have only done a few races recently, so I usually just ride sportsman in harescrambles. Anyway, I'm just trying to find some cool people to ride with... if you're open to having another guy in your group, lemme know. Rampart opened today... hoping to ride some time this week if you wanna head up.
  5. Where can I read this legisation? I would love to help out, but I've learned from past experience not to support things that I don't understand 100% what's right and what's wrong about it. I think everyone should also do the same so they know what you're talking about if you show up. it's one thing to follow a group... it's another to have an oppinion and voice it. Knowing what you're fighting for is exponentially more effective.
  6. I don't know why they don't make any cool graphics for the older bikes anymore, but I can't find any that I like for my 04. I really like the white camo ONE graphics set, but they only make it for the 05+ shrouds. Has anyone tried to put a newer graphics set on their older bike, or tried to make the newer shrouds fit instead?
  7. Thumper33

    Good place to ride/camp

    Okay thanks for the replies guys... I know it's been a bit since I originally posted this, but this is the weekend we're heading out so it's time to pick one. I'm trying to find some info on where these recommendations are and what kind of trails they are. I wish there was a resource for how to find good singletracks. I'm not sure if I'm just not using the right searchwords, but I'm striking out so far. The best I've got is the Colorado ATV trails book you see everywhere. I guess I've never been to Rainbow Falls OHV area, so that's at the top of the list right now since I have good info about it. I need to start taggin along with other people to learn better places to ride
  8. Thumper33

    What trail was this?

    last summer I rode with a group of 4 or 5 guys that left from a local shop and we went out and rode some single track that was north of I70 (pretty sure) somewhere between copper and vail (I think). If anyone was reading this was in teh group, I was relatively new on my aprilia RXV450 at the time and we worked on the suspension settings a bit to soften it up at the time. Anyway, I know it's vague, but I had a good time out there and would like to ride it again. Anyone know of any singletrack up that way?
  9. We bought the bike about 2 months ago and it ran well when we got it. Last week the bike was stolen and recovered the next day. When it was recovered it was bone dry on gas, and even once we got gas in it we couldn't get it to start except by bump starting it. Once bump started it wouldn't idle very well at all and would pretty much die immediately when you take your hand off the gas. We think it is running a little rich now which I think means that they must have tried to mess with the fuel screw (which we have the easy adjust screw on there). I don't know where it was set before, but assume it should be around 1.5-2 turns out to at least get it close. We're going to check the valves, change the oil, change teh plug and see what else is going on and take it from there.
  10. Yup, I've only had that bike for about a week. I'm not sure if I was more calm about it because the bike wasn't around long enough to get attached, or I was more pissed off because I liked the bike so much and had just gotten it. One of the bikes was insured on a policy already, the other was a buddy's and was not. I confirmed with the officer that one was 17 and one was 18. Both have prior records. The 18 year old will go to jail. The 17 year old will probably go to juvi. I"m really just hoping that they'll cooperate and I get my gear back. I suppose buying new stuff won't be too bad, but I doubt I'll get paid for it very soon, so how long do I wait before I just either claim it on home owners or just go buy new stuff. I don't really have an extra $1000 sitting around right now.
  11. They said that they gear was in the bushes somewhere along with the helmet, but we never found it. I haven't gotten to talk to them since, so I asked the cop about what to do about that. He said likely the kids will either go find it because they know where they put it, or will eventually have to pay for it. That can take months to years if the courts have to order it. Guess I'll just cross my fingers and see what happens.
  12. I had two bikes stolen from my garage last night. I went into my garage this afternoon and realized that they were gone. Unsure what else to do, I started looking around for tire marks or tire tracks. There is a walking path about 100 feet from my door which goes for miles and I decided to see if there were any tire tracks there. Sure enough, I could see some tire tracks in the gravel now and then. It's a common place to run in the neighborhood so probably 100 people had run the path since the bike had been there, but I was able to follow it 2.5 miles off and on to where the tracks suddenly ended in a bit of a valley. I totall felt like Aragorn 1/2 the time trying to track someone. After looking around a bit, I spotted some lightly beaten down grass in a single path. Wouldn't you know I followed that to where the bikes were dumped. I called the cops and had a buddy that had now met up with me go to the nearest street to meet them and guide them back. About 3/4 of his way there, he calls me on my cell and says "there are three kids headed your way and they look suspicious." I hid in the bushes and watched them walk right up to the bikes. One of the kids had left his bicycle on main path, so I grabbed it while walking towards them thinking at least I have a reason for them to come back if they all get away. I got up to about 15 feet from them and said "hey fellas, what're you doing here?". They took off running through the really thick bushes that hid the bikes. I could see it would be easier for me to ride around the other side of the brush on this kid's bike, so I just hopped on and rode around, amost beating them to the other side. I hopped off the bike and tackled one of them right off the bat, grabbing a 2nd one by the foot and tripping him. We were in a bit of a swampy area, so they weren't really happy being on the ground. It was actually really funny. They pretty much curled up and begged for me to let them go. I remember one of them saying "it's okay man, you got your bikes back just fine, so let us go. We didn't hurt them." Apparently one of the kids wasn't part of the theft the night before, and they were trying to get me to let him go. I was able to convince the 3rd guy out of hiding so I had the whole group together. My buddy showed up with the cops a few minutes later and we turned them in. What horrible timing for those kids. What a great way to end a bad start to an evening. True story. 31 years old, 6'0", 180 lbs. I got to tackle and prosecute a 17 year old and an 18 year old that stole from me today. It felt really good. I think when thieves get caught, the owners of the stolen stuff should get to tackle them every time. It just feels like real justice. I got the bikes back, although I'm still missing a Shoei helmet and all the gear that was in my gear bag including my sidi crossfire boots. Bahh, oh well. could be worse.
  13. Thumper33

    Need Chain & Sprokets & have Questions

    huh, I was about to put up the same post. Guess I'll keep an eye out here. To answer one of your questions: I've heard the nice thing about o-ring chains is that the lube is sealed inside (by the o-rings). So you don't need to lube them nearly as much. I've seen a lot of people suggest only using WD40 on the chain in a dirty enviornment because the lube just attracts dirt and then grinds itself to hell. The WD 40 doesn't do that nearly as bad, and the main reason for it is just to keep the chain from rusting. I've got 14/52 gearing on mine right now and it feels tall as hell. I'm for sure at least goign to a 13/52, but might even go bigger in the rear. I've heard not to replace just one sprocket or a chain w/o doing all three though so I might as well go a little bigger in teh back and then I have a couple options to play with. I'm curiuos to know what are good chains and sprockets though.
  14. Thumper33

    Good place to ride/camp

    Me and 3 or 4 buddies are looking for a good place that we can carcamp and ride a day or two at the same area. We've ridden rampart a bunch, and would like to go to a new area, and maybe one not quite as packed. Any suggestions on things that have a good place to camp?
  15. Thumper33

    New CRF - weird noise and shifter issues

    Thanks for the replies. I'm very happy with the hammerhead shifter I got. It shifts perfectly The noises aren't anything I"ve heard from any engine before which is what scared me. If it's normal then I can accept it. It still seem weird to me. The sound is identical to something hitting spokes. After more seat time, it only really happens when the engine is under stress, particularly a bunch of torque like an uphill in low gears. I guess I'll just keep on riding it and chaning the fluids n filters.