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  1. streetndirt

    Has anyone not been satisfied with a DR. D?

    Much louder than what, the stock pipe totally unplugged? Mine is stock with a GYTR insert and it's fairly quiet. With no insert, it's friggin' LOUD. If a Doc D. is louder than an open stocker, that'd be a problem for me.
  2. streetndirt

    The 2006 WR450f is here..

    The dollar has also fallen in value against the yen.
  3. streetndirt

    05' vs. 06'...can this be right?

    I think the weight of the oil being carried much lower in the frame will give the '06 lighter steering. There's a couple of pounds of oil high in the frame downtube on the steel frame models. Y may have reduced wieght with the alloy frame but added it somewhere else for strength. Until someone gets ahold of a 2006 model, you won't really know. One example of how the alloy frame is not a necessarily a weight saving measure can be seen looking at the RW450 vs. CRF450X. In the Cycle World comparo, the Honda is 7 pounds heavier than the "low tech" steel frame WR. I must say, I do like the looks of the alloy frames but I don't buy bikes only on looks.
  4. streetndirt

    Which to get WR250F or CRF250X?

    All my WR does is run and run and run, a great bike. As close to all play and no work as any real race bike gets. 1,500 miles in a year, no troubles.
  5. streetndirt

    WR450 - Good trail bike or too much?

    While I wouldn't say my 250 is underpowered, I rode a buddy's '05 WR450 and found it a cinch to manage the extra power. His '05 seemed to handle on par with my 250, maybe a bit heavier but nothing to worry about. I ride mostly tight single track and can rarely use all the little 250 has, much less all of a 450's muscle. But if you have areas that are open enough to twist the throttle, the 450 will make you smile every time. In the woods? pic 'em. Out in the open? 450 all the way.
  6. streetndirt

    04 WR 250 - YZ timing

    So lift and duration of YZ and WR cams are identical?
  7. streetndirt

    Carbs going bad?! Buy another?!

    Could it be a cracked carb boot?
  8. streetndirt

    Dunes!!!!! Pics!

    So the 250 had enough zip to handle deep sand? I always assumed nothing but a big bore would do any damage in that stuff. I get a kick out how well of these little 250F motors perform, though. We have a place here in Oklahoma called "Little Sahara." I've never been there but I think it has huge dunes like that. I didn't really want to take a 250 up there but it looks like with the sand tires, it does the business.
  9. streetndirt

    Rampant Speculation

    Close though, they added this: NEW 2006 MODEL INTRO 9 PM Pacific - Sunday, June 12 See the new Off-Road Motorcycles & ATVs.
  10. streetndirt

    Rampant Speculation

    With the dealer shows coming up I have been trying to get a glimpse of '06 models from Yamaha. Maybe we're about to get a hint. As this is written, most model links on the US Yamaha website are not active. The only links that are active are the FJR 1300 and one 2006 model snowmobile. Does this mean the '06 info amd pics are being loaded in there? I hope so!
  11. streetndirt

    How fast does a wrf250 go

    only about 75 with stock gearing over the ground, well over 120 when dropped out of an airplane
  12. streetndirt

    air filters?

    I get great results with No Toil.
  13. streetndirt

    03 WR250 -- loft front wheel w/ throttle?

    I have a Zip Ty fuel screw but otherwise my bike is a "free mod stocker" with a GYTR insert. I weigh over 200 and it wheelies on throttle easily in third gear if you want it to (stock 13/52 gearing). Jetting seems spot on, too. Wonder what I'm missing without a JD kit? My bike runs so well I hate to mess with it. It starts one or two kicks, hot or cold (starts instantly with the button), revs to the moon. I've put about 1,200 miles on it in a year and it still runs perfectly.
  14. streetndirt

    aluminum frame worth it?

    Several inches higher? Not even close to being a fact. I do agree that the bike needs to be freshened up a bit. One thing is that the alloy frames look very cool and cool looks sell a lot of bikes. The '05 Yamahas still look a lot like the '98 YZ 400F so they're getting REAL familiar looking, regardless of how well they work. With this being Y's 50th anniversary, they may go all out and bring some cool stuff. I hope they don't mess too much with how motor makes power cause it's just about right. If they can drop a few pounds, lower the cg a bit and put on the best suspension, it'll be right up there with the best. Oh yeah, keep that legendary blue reliability!
  15. streetndirt

    wrf 250 ´05 vr ´06

    If Baghdad Bob says the '06 is going to an aluminum frame, take it to the bank.