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  1. Have you made any external stators for cr250s? Cant find any anywhere
  2. Just traded my drz for a 01 cr, and im going to make it a "dual sport" of sorts. Anyone have a lead on a eline stator? Or another option for a external stator? I saw on a post where a guy machined a cover for a baja designs stator and magnet, but was wondering if anyone else has done it. Dont really want to use just the 50w replacement stators since they seem to all have bad reviews, dont want to end up stuck deep in the woods because of a bad stator. Thanks
  3. Finally had time to tear it down, head gasket looks ok, wasnt the rivets. Going to check the head and cylinder for flatness tonight
  4. https://youtu.be/rV2GG60UkGw
  5. I did the 43ft lbs, but didnt look too close at the rivets, but it was seated all the way down. I have a video but it wont let me post it
  6. Head is off a 13 sm, bike is a 01 e, water pump assembly is from a 15. everything has stayed the same engine wise hasn't it? Everything I've read said its all the same, and it looks the same, but now that im having problems im wondering if it really is.
  7. I had the cases split, everything was out. No water/ coolant was left in the cases unless it was just some condensation. It was done "right", I've built a few dirtbike engines like this before, and quite a few diesel engines at work. I was just wanting a second opinion before I tore back into it.
  8. No coolant in it. When I filled it I only filled the radiator. And I dont think the cap has released to fill the over flow
  9. Nothing in the overflow. But bike did come with a high pressure cap. Doesn't overheat
  10. Like the title says, I just got my drz rebuilt from the heap it was, and my oil is milky on the first change. Ran it maybe an hour. After changing it I started it up with the radiator cap off and there's bubbles. Headgasket? Thats what im leaning towards, used the vertex gasket kit that came with my wrench rabbit rebuild kit, and ive had problems on a yamaha with non oem gaskets before. Just wanting some reassurance before I pull the head back off. Read about the waterpump clutch cover gasket causing milky oil, but dont think that would cause the bubbles. Thanks for reading
  11. I emailed millennium and they told me $274. Must be cheaper for a 2 stroke. Found a few on eBay new and used
  12. Bought this cylinder like this, and i bought this bike in boxes, didnt even come with an airbox haha. I usually keep filters pretty clean though
  13. I spent too much on my drz, and now have 2 cylinders with light scoring, ine still has pretty good cross hatching, and was going to send them off and have someone fix the better one. Everyone I've talked to says millenium is the one to go to, but their website says $274 for a replating, ouch. Anyone know of a place to do it cheaper, or maybe is a sleeve a better option? I already have a new stock size piston so dont really want to go big bore. Thanks
  14. brileyb

    Anyone been successful in swapping cam caps?

    So how loose is too loose? Im going to get that head with the broke cap and give it a try. Hopefully it works out.
  15. brileyb

    Anyone been successful in swapping cam caps?

    What kind of hone are you talking about, a ball hone? Im familiar with the plastigauge procedure, I've used it on engines with actual bearings, still can't figure out why they wouldn't use replaceable bearings on these