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  1. So lately I have been seeing heaps of people trying to sell thier bikes and are having no luck. and there is a few reason for it as they 1 are not cleaning them. its such a simple task that makes a world of difference to the whole look of the bike when your trying to sell.. also people are not being honest when trying to sell, this just leads to people getting annoyed that they are not seeing something that was listed, thus not helping sell the bike any.. i have made an article for anyone trying to sell thier bike which will help make your job easier! http://www.motorbikecentral.com/tips-selling-your-dirt-bike/
  2. Motocross_Kurt

    Running in your bike?

    Hello guys and girls, I have am just about finished rebuilding my 2003 kx125 ive done a Top and Bottom end, with all new seals, gaskets, bearings, new crank the works! I have never run in a brand new rebuild engine before and was wondering what works best? Thanks inadvanced Kurt
  3. Motocross_Kurt

    Real Rookie Mistake

    Ive now teared the engine down and am in the process of doing what should have been done first! http://www.motorbikecentral.com/kx125-race-build-part-5-rookie-mistake-engine-tear-down/
  4. Motocross_Kurt

    Real Rookie Mistake

    yeah i should have listened
  5. Motocross_Kurt

    Top and Bottom end rebuild

    Hello guys, I am planning on doing a top and bottom end rebuild on my 2003 kx125 and i was wondering if anyone could help me know ALL the parts ill need for each one? I pretty much want to make the engine brand new so if anyone has any links or websites that will help me out please list them! Also if anyone has any tips before i do it that would be appreciated Thanks
  6. Motocross_Kurt

    Real Rookie Mistake

    yeah i realsied i shouldnt have done anything first without looking at the motor, well its a hard lesson that i have to take on the chin, but least now i know not to do it again!
  7. Motocross_Kurt

    Real Rookie Mistake

  8. Motocross_Kurt

    Real Rookie Mistake

    yeah well it really sucks ass, i could fix the bare minium and get away with that but then things are gonna be broken again soon so i might as well do it all at once, so im pretty much replacing gear box, doing a top and bottom end and clutch. which will be F%$KING insane once its done it will be heaps strong engine, but its just so expensive on my shitty wage and will take me off the bike for ages
  9. Motocross_Kurt

    Real Rookie Mistake

    Hey guys, I brought a kx125 for $1900 (in aus thats cheap) knowing that i might have to fix a thing or two so i replaced about $700 in parts like brake disks and pads chain sprockets etc etc i brought new plastics and grahics for about $400 so ive spent about $3k in total NOW here is where it gets sucky my gears wernt working so i got a mechanic from work to pull it apart and see what was going on and it turns out most of the gears are rooted... this really sucks because now im pretty much going to need to rebuild the engine to get everything running good kinda suckish cos i wont be able to ride for about 2 months as i cant afford to chuck all the money i need into it straight away... for newbies who buy a second hand bike either pull the engine apart or get someone to do it for you...
  10. Motocross_Kurt

    2014 Honda CRF250R

    Hey guys, have you seen or heard anything about the new honda 250R? I am a kawasaki man myself but this does look insane! http://www.motorbike...-honda-crf250r/
  11. Motocross_Kurt

    2003 KX125 BUILD

    Part 4 http://www.motorbikecentral.com/kx125-race-build-part-4-upgrading-parts/
  12. Motocross_Kurt

    Coolant Reviews

    Thanks for all the replys guys, some of those i havnt even heard of which is awesome!
  13. Motocross_Kurt

    Coolant Reviews

    Hey guys, i have been using a few different coolants over the last few years and finally found one i really liked! I am using Motul Mocool! i did a review about it here --> http://www.motorbikecentral.com/review-motul-mocool/ Wondering what peoples preferred coolant was??
  14. Motocross_Kurt

    Track Day Check List

    thanks mate! yeah I will add another editable file
  15. Motocross_Kurt

    Track Day Check List

    gopro should be on there haha, but its not a 100% needed item ahah