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    TTR-125 Baja Kits

    Baja sells a kit but you have to get the stator wound and with that the kit costs between $500 - $600 Depending on your state you may be able to get it done cheaper. I dual sported my wife's TTR125L myself and it was much cheaper. Illinois does not require turn signals or a speedo or inspection according to the Motorcycle Industry Coucil. Click HERE to see what I did and see if it's right for you. Find out about getting a tag first, then do the minimum you need. Kits can cause you to waste money if you don't need everything in them. PM me if you want further info.
  2. Yea, most of the old timers started on the Yahoo e-mail group (actually we started on a different server before Yahoo linked from the PlanetKLX site) and then Thumper & the KLXzone came to be. I too jump around to all three, but the Yahoo group has the most 'veteran' information of the three and is most active. Yea, the format stinks but it is not a bulitin board it is an e-mail group. The KLXzone is a great site with all the new fangled Html bells & whistles but it is mostly Euro based while the Yahoo site is more for the American based. ALl feature a wealth of info for our KLXes and a great group of helpful & polite people
  3. One_Dollar


    Remember adding a toothg in front is about the same as adding 3 teeth in the back. Here is the gear ratio chart from www.PlanetKLX.com Gear ratio chart I find the stock 14-50 works the best overall, but if you do alot of single track slow trails with lots of gnarley hills a 13-50 works good. I've tried 15-50 but did not like the sluggish response.
  4. Not familiar with your bike but if it's an AC system, which by your statement it seems so, you need a rectifier in line to the battery to go DC. You can get sealed led acid batteries (1.3a 12v) at Batteries Plus for like $18. If you use a seperate recifier make sure you put a heat sink on it because they do get hot. Along with the link in the above post here is some more info AC Lighting Basic Charging system And Congrats for taking the initiative to do it yourself and save $$
  5. One_Dollar

    Anyone going to Amsterdam, GA

    Went last year but finances has me staying home this year. Seriously bummed since this was one of the best dualsports for my KLX300. It is an awsome ride, more on the lines of an Enduro. Lots of gnarley singletrack, mud, and challenging woods. Very little paved roads. It goes through a logging companies property so be prepared for some log crossing. Not recommended for large heavy dualsport bikes that are not really dirt oriented (i.e KLR 650). There are bale outs and sections you can go that are easier by following the whimpy arrows BRING BUG SPRAY! In the staging area they don't call it Gnat city for nothing.
  6. One_Dollar

    96 dB pipe for TTR125L?

    The stock spark arrestor fits in the BBR muffler. A xr50, 80, 100 end cap also fits. These will reduce the DB below the 96
  7. One_Dollar

    Dual sport kit and rack

    Preach it Rich! I'm with ya on that and didn't make the same mistake twice when I dualed my wifes TTR125. Thanks in part to help from you Rich. OT - BTW the leg is healing up but it doesn't look like I'll be making the Amsterdam GA. ride G
  8. One_Dollar

    gearing on a 125l

    Generally 1 tooth in the front equals 3 in the back.
  9. One_Dollar

    Tire Pressure for 2002 TTR125L

    Like Nev YZ said, it depends on the terrain. If it's mostly real deep sandy trails like here in florida you want like around 10psi, if your in a rooted rocky trails you would go 15 or even 18psi. In sandy trails a high tire pressure will give a tendancy for front wheel washout in turns, in rocky rooted sections a low tire pressure will bend rims.
  10. One_Dollar

    I knew I shouldn't of went to the dealer

    At that price and if you want to do MX it sounds like a no-brainer. The CR125 is an awsome machine but be prepared, it's ALOT more powerful than the TTR.
  11. One_Dollar

    Best way to straighten handlebars

    I just had to do the same thing. A good tip is to mark with black marker a line across the bolt side and the trip clamp that way when you tighten it back up you match the line to get it where it was. BYW I went and got pro-tapers after my bars bent. Rebending bars will never get back to original and they will be even weaker.
  12. One_Dollar

    Good rear view mirror

    If you want a mirror that you can actually see stuff behind you with and folds out of the way this one is great..
  13. One_Dollar

    Anybody had this problem?????

    Much appreciation for the heads up! I checked the wifes bike last night and sure enough about 1/4 of the circumfrence had lost the full seal. This could be the problem I was chasing when I'd get choking at high revs. Thanks! It's things like this that make internet BB so useful.
  14. I've heard good things about the Mich Baja also. might try one next. The Kendas are a good buy but wear fast in hard stuff. I have Mich S-12's on now and chunked the rear up pretty bad in the rocks. I know the S-12 is not DOT but there is no inspections here and I've yet to see or hear of anyone getting a fix-it ticket for tires.
  15. One_Dollar

    cheap cargo rack with" pics"

    Nice work! However it is evident you are handy with a welder, and that you have one or access to one. Someone without that would probably go the buying route unless they can borrow a welder and learn how to use it. I'm guessing a welding setup is more than the cost it would be for buying an already made rack.